Gears Of War Brings You The Rockstar Energy Challenge

Ever since its launch Gears of War 4 has had an affinity with Rockstar Energy. For the first month of the games life the more you drank the more rewards you got. Well The Coalition and Rockstar Energy are at it again with a brand new challenge for you.

This time it’s a specific horde challenge and the prizes are fantastic, especially if you win the grand prize. There are only a few stipulations to the contest, all you really have to do is play as much Horde Mode as you can on the Blood Drive and Clocktower maps.

The contest runs from today until January 31st and all you have to do is follow these simple instructions to enter.

  1. Register on the website.  You must be signed in to register.
  2. Play Horde Mode on Blood Drive or Clocktower on Normal or higher difficulty.
  3. Complete 10/50/100/200 waves and win Rockstar Gear Packs.
  4. For every 50 waves completed, you’ll be registered for a chance to win gift cards.
  5. For every 200 waves completed, you’ll be registered for a chance to win the Grand Prize.

And now for the important part, what can you win? There are three tiers of prizes, second place, first place and finally, a grand prize. The grand prize is something truly special and will make you the envy of all of your friends.

Grand Prize:  A Jesse Hernandez custom-painted Gears Chest Armor and custom-painted Rockstar mini-fridge, plus a year’s worth of Rockstar Energy drinks.
First Prizes: gift card
Second Prizes: In-game Gear Packs

That’s right, you could win a years supply of RockStar Energy drink to put in your very own Rockstar mini-fridge. So have at it folks, bring on the horde.

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