Developers Say Microsoft At Fault For Lack Of Exclusives

I’m still ticked off about Scalebound being scrapped. It was one of the few exclusives I was really looking forward to! With a lack of exclusives, what’s the point of choosing Xbox One over PS4?

I used to be a PC-only gamer, but with Halo 3 I got dragged into the world of console gaming purely because of LAN parties. I liked the game so much that I got myself a 360. I decided to check out another few exclusives like “Left 4 Dead”, “Dead Rising”, and “Gears of War”.

I loved them! It was also fun being able to tease a PS3 owning friend that I could play the games that she so badly wanted to try. The choice between consoles was more than just the specs; it also decided the games you’d get to play, and the ones you didn’t.

While I wish there was no such thing as an exclusive game, there’s no way that it’s going to stop. So since it’s going to happen anyway, I want some on my console that validate my purchase other than controller preference and the fact that I don’t want to give up my Gamerscore.

While I do actually love Xbox, comparing it to the PS4’s exclusives is disappointing. The PlayStation 4’s upcoming exclusives has games like “Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy”, “Detroit: Become Human”, “Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom”, “Spiderman”, “God of War”, “The Last of Us 2”, “Persona 5”, “Death Stranding”, and much more.

The exclusives on Xbox One this year are “Crackdown 3”, “Halo Wars 2”, “Phantom Dust” (yes it’s back on), “Sea of Thieves”, and “State of Decay 2”.

According to claims by Lionhead and Platinum Games, Microsoft puts a ton of pressure on developers, and would sometimes have demands that are unrealistic. These demands include short timeframes, tight deadlines, and very tight budgets. Sticking to a budget is one thing, but restricting it and breathing down a developer’s neck is another thing entirely. Wouldn’t Microsoft rather have a few really great exclusives that rake in the profits, rather than keeping the tight budget? If a game is fun and made really well, I have no issue paying a little extra for the season pass and possibly the deluxe edition (if there is one).

Are developers simply whining? Does Microsoft actually have ridiculous expectations? We can only hope that either Microsoft relaxes their demands, or some developers step up that can make a game within their budget and timeframe.

What exclusives do you wish were still on the table? Anything you hope is remade for the Xbox One? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “Developers Say Microsoft At Fault For Lack Of Exclusives”

  1. You forgot Nioh, Horizon, and Nier Automata which all come out before April. MS simply doesn’t care to expand exclusives

  2. Joe Watts says:

    I think a perfect example of this is Recore, small budget game that plays, feels and looks rushed to the core! Bad move by them.

  3. Also if Microsoft doesn’t bring exclusives this E3 for the Scorpio that are amazing it will flounder

  4. PharaohCreator says:

    *scrapped* – in the first line.
    Just my thoughts:
    I think the issues are actually slightly deeper. Dev cycles and budgets are always tight – not just for games, but for any kind of software development. Put it down to ‘how the world works’. However, developers are likely to be prepared to tolerate a lot of this in exchange for sales and success – and a lot of potential for that comes down to install base. MS’s install base this generation is the lower of the 2 main competing consoles, and I’m sure that would impact on what teams are willing to endure. Last gen, Microsoft were calling the shots – they’d be in a position to dictate and are probably accustomed to that. The market has changed, but their attitude possibly hasn’t?
    It’s just funny – only last year Sony had ‘no exclusives’. Development lead times being what they are, and the hype machine being what it now is, it’s inevitable that consoles will experience an ebb and flow of upcoming titles.

  5. I’d rather have a few good exclusives every year rather than hundreds of Japanese games I’ll never play…

  6. Si says:

    PlayStations UPCOMING, compared to Xbox Ones’s THIS YEAR. PlayStation will show these ‘upcoming’ again at this years E3.

    • PharaohCreator says:

      Exactly. A lot of PS4 owners I know are hyped as hell for The Last of Us 2, but don’t seem to grasp that they won’t see it until 2018 at the absolute earliest…

  7. JoshHague says:

    @XboxP3 @majornelson @aarongreenberg … We need more exclusives coz ps4 is shitting on xbox

  8. wow that article is nothing but speculation no factual evidence this is a joke your wrote opinion piece with no facts terrible

  9. Virzio says:

    Lol, why are you comparing ps exclusives which some don’t even release this year to ms exclusives that release this year? Not a fair comparison. Also the ms exclusives that release THIS year look really promising. But hey, if anime hentai games are your thing, ps has more of them.

  10. Its an interesting article. I’d say #Microsofts’ real problem is a perception vs reality. Maybe not necessarily lack of games?

  11. Nice article Sabrina, I feel the same. Although it is hard to judge when big PS4 games are coming & wot Xbox may have by then!

  12. Barry Fraser says:

    All the Xbox exclusives you mentioned are coming this year. Quite a few of the PS4 ones we won’t see this year and maybe 1 or 2 of them we won’t see for 2 years. You don’t know what Xbox exclusives Microsoft haven’t announced for next year or 2 or even 3 years down the line.

  13. StuN UK says:

    Incredibly bad article! Mostly speculation but the worst part was “what’s the point of choosing Xbox One over PS4?” Try #XboxLive

  14. StuN UK says:

    Incredibly bad article! Mostly speculation but the worst part was “what’s the point of choosing Xbox One over PS4?” Try #XboxLive

  15. Stu Newman says:

    Terrible article. I’m disappointed with XboxOneUK that this was even posted

  16. StaceyJK says:

    Wow – this one brought out the fanboys! Great article. I think it’s interesting that Sony feel confident to share their exclusive lineup as it stretches into 2018 and beyond, whilst – beyond perennially delayed titles that still not land in 2017 – Xbox is keeping much more quiet. I’m betting on some big name announcements to bolster the first year of Scorpio, but time will tell. Great, thought provoking piece Sabrina!

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