Xbox Outsells Playstation In Second Half Of 2016

It would appear that the Xbox One has been a slow burning console. We all remember the debacle that was the E3 reveal of the Xbox One in 2013. The shambolic nature of this reveal directly hurt initial sales of the Xbox One, especially the controversy regarding the new DRM system that Microsoft planned to use. This system was quickly dropped but it has taken the Xbox One a long time to recover.

Fast forward three years and this recovery seems to finally be complete. Last month was the biggest ever month for the Xbox One in regards to sales and this has been only the tip of the iceberg of a great year for the Xbox One. In December it looks like Playstation happened to sell more units but this didn’t really make a difference as the Xbox One had outsold it for the previous five months meaning that Microsoft’s console tops the game charts for the last six months of 2016.

“December was the biggest month ever for Xbox One sales in the U.S. and Xbox One was the only eighth generation console with year-over-year growth, according to NPD,” Mike Nichols, a Xbox Marketing Exec said in a statement. “In addition, Xbox One was the top-selling console over the second half of 2016, following the announcement of Xbox One S at E3. In November and December we saw Xbox Live engagement reach an all-time high of 3.9 billion hours, up 23 percent compared to 2015 driven by fan excitement for the greatest games lineup.”

The big point here would be the game lineup in the second half of last year. The Xbox had a lot of exclusives released at that time and this must have driven sales somewhat. The release of the Xbox One S in August also meant that existing customers had another reason to buy a new console which would have increased sales with the dedicated Xbox Market. It would be a fair assumption to make that the release of Project Scorpio this year will once again help to increase sales.

So the future is looking bright for the Xbox One and all we can do is hope that this upwards trend continues.

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