Are You Too Good For Battlefield 1?

When you’re good at video games you just know that you’re good but is it possible to be too good? According to Battlefield 1 you can be. Or to be more precise, the algorithm that controls its anti-cheating system can.

Ever since Battlefield 3 EA and DICE have used a system called FairFight. This system uses an algorithm to compare the real time stats of a game with that of what it thinks an average player can achieve and if the results seem to out of the ordinary or exceptional then they can be deemed to be cheating. A flawless system right?

Well apparently it isn’t that flawless. Recently players have found that if they have an incredible game then the system may well flag them as cheats. The only way that they could possibly achieve such results is through the use of hacks.

The biggest problem with this system is that there is no human intervention. With millions of players playing then what may seem improbable actually becomes quite probable. As they say given enough time anything is possible. If a human was involved in judging what was happening then they might judge something that seems to be improbable as just been a really skilled move instead.

This system has consequences however. Although non of us likes cheaters, something we hate just as much is been banned unfairly, especially if it is just for been too good at the game. So far, for no real fault of the game players have found themselves been banned for several weeks at a time. Although this isn’t the end of the world its still not really fair is it?

How do you feel about Battlefields FairFight system? Have you been banned for been too good? How would you improve the system currently in place? Let us know in the comments section below.

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