Final Fantasy XV Over Half Way To Sales Target

Final Fantasy XV is well on it’s way to the ten million sales target set by director Hajima Tabata.

After reports that the long awaited installment in the Final Fantasy series shipped over five million at launch, that tally has now surpassed six million copies. In a press release, it was confirmed that this includes digital sales alongside physical copies. But this does not mean that the amounts given have been sold to consumers, but that they have sold to retailers.

Tabata stated that the game would need to sell ten million copies to be a ‘success’. However this comment was later clarified as a personal goal of the studio, and not that they would need to sell such a vast amount to turn a profit.

Impressive numbers so far from the fabled RPG that was announced over a decade ago. You can check out our mammoth review here for the XBOUK verdict. Are you enjoying the game so far? Or will are you leaning toward disappointment. Let us know in the comments below!

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Tim Slatford

Gamer since the 80's with an appetite for Xbox. Food lover with a side of movie junkie and a dash of American TV. Twitter - @Tim_Slatford Twitch - smokeysmokerson

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