A New Overwatch Bug Can Completely Ruin Matches

Imagine you and your friend team up and were playing Overwatch.  You were communicating, playing the objectives, holding down choke points, and team shooting and winning fire fights just to have a round end and give the other team the win.  This is the unfortunate nature of what a new bug discovered by Reddit user Endjui is doing.  The video he posted showed his team up 3 – 0 with the round ending and then giving the other team four points.  This isn’t an isolated issue as it has happened in Competitive.  Overwatch has always been focused on the fair and competitive nature of its gameplay and it has done an amazing job at it but this is something that can just ruin it.  Hopefully Blizzard will address this ASAP.  Until that happens however, good luck that it doesn’t happen to you.  I at least have an excuse why I lose in Overwatch.

Have you experienced this bug?  Let us know in the comments below!

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