Another Xbox Exclusive Title Cancelled, Microsoft Confirms

We have just learnt of yet another Xbox exclusive cancellation, from our friends over at Windows Central. This time it’s Platinum Games’ Scalebound; the action-RPG dragon-riding epic – which was one of 2017’s highly anticipated titles.

We knew that it would be a mammoth of a game, allowing up to 4 players co-operating and customising dragons to their liking, and was first announced back in 2014. We’ve seen countless images and numerous gameplay footage, especially some showing off dragon battles that was shown at E3 2016:

Scalebound had the potential to be a whole new IP, with sequels and potential merchandise. Other than SEGA’s classic Panzer Dragoon, I can’t think of another title out there that got me excited about dragons. Just the thought of being able to bond with your dragon, name him (or her) and customise it to your liking, and then going out into battles with your pal – even Daenerys Targaryen would’ve been proud of the accomplishment, but that is now just a mere reminder of what could’ve been.

With more credit to Jez Corden; over at Windows Central, they received the following statement from Microsoft:

After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for “Scalebound.” We’re working hard to deliver an amazing lineup of games to our fans this year, including “Halo Wars 2,” “Crackdown 3,” “State of Decay 2,” “Sea of Thieves” and other great experiences.

It looks as though we still have a promising line up this year, but lest not forget the potential games we could be playing in it’s full glory by now, including Project Spark, Fable Legends and Phantom Dust – all of which, have reached their untimely demise.

With the consumer backing these days, helping out developers and publishers alike, it is possible we may see this title rise from the ashes, but without fully knowing the reasoning to Microsoft’s and Platinum Games’ separation, it’s hard to say. One can only hope…

How do you feel about the cancellation of yet another title with potential? Do you think Scalebound will ever see the light of day? We would be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Another Xbox Exclusive Title Cancelled, Microsoft Confirms”

  1. openmikke says:

    @platinumgames Damn it!

  2. Corey Lees says:

    @platinumgames Another? What else has been cancelled?

  3. Jon Harvey says:

    Damn. Was actually interested in this game. Looked interesting…..

  4. @platinumgames never planed on getting it anyway

  5. Sam says:

    @platinumgames @OpenWorldHarry

  6. Stuart Heavenly says:

    I’m utterly disappointed, Scalebound was the only game I was actually hyped for in 2017, And now that’s gone, I don’t even think I’ll be looking into getting any games this year? I played Halo Wars 2 in Alpha and Beta and found it to be terrible, and Sea of Thieves looks promising, But that is likely to flop, it’s recommended to be played with friends, other games like this are The Division, Destiny, and Rainbow Six Siege, And they got seen as overhyped, And had a lot of trouble for a while.

    Scalebound was a unique game with humour and excitement and Microsoft believe they can make up for that loss by replacing it with sequels. Sounds to me like Call of Duty Logic.

  7. Adam Whitehead says:

    Why is everyone going crazy about scalebound its looked like crap tbh cross between devil may cry and crimson dragoon i had no intention of buying it

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