Ace Combat 7 Could Be Coming To Xbox One

Some games are destined to be exclusives, sometimes console manufacturers hope a game will be an exclusive, and other times the developers just don’t care. Ace Combat 7 was thought to be an exclusive for a different console (dirty words won’t be tolerated here) but according to some sources this isn’t the case and it could be coming to the Xbox One.

Ace Combat 7 has been going through the usual process of getting a rating from different countries rating boards and it seems to have been submitted to the Taiwan Game Software Rating Information board for the Xbox One. Since it was first seen the posting about the Xbox One version has since been removed but if it wasn’t been considered then it wouldn’t have been there right?


The only real explanation for its removal would be that Namco doesn’t want the news to be made official until they actually announce Ace Combat 7 for the Xbox One.

No official release date has been announced for any console further than saying sometime in 2017. So this means that we definitely don’t have a release date for the Xbox One yet but don’t worry, as soon as we hear anything further we will let you know.

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