Xbox One Emulation on PC Won’t Degrade Frame Rates

The hardcore gaming elite know that quality is everything in a game.  Not only how well the gamer itself is but how does it run.  With newer, upgraded versions of current generation consoles coming, console gamers are eager to see a consistent 60 frames per second and possible 4K graphics.  Microsoft is trying to make it easier to obtain through universal apps and play anywhere.

Backwards compatibility, Play Anywhere, and new hardware are allowing games that weren’t made for these newer consoles to thrive on better hardware.  Tomb Raider has allowed so much customisable options for frame rate, graphics, and enhanced fidelity that you can essentially give yourself whatever experience you want.  The biggest issue people run into are locks on the frame rate being stuck at numbers that aren’t achievable.

What’s nice is this could eliminate issues with ports of games on PC being lack luster from console.  As for those hoping for a smoother experience on PC for Xbox One games – you’re experience should be even better.  Can’t wait to see what Project Scorpio and the developers of these apps have in store.  The continuous bridging of the gap between PC and console is just going to make gaming as a whole much better and accessible.

What do you think about PC gaming compared to consoles?  Let us know in the comment section below!


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2 thoughts on “Xbox One Emulation on PC Won’t Degrade Frame Rates”

  1. Stu Newman says:

    Top end PC gaming will always be the pinnacle but I converted to consoles because I was spending hundreds of pounds a year trying to keep up.

  2. Billy says:

    I agree with Stu High end PC will always be at the top but fortunately for console gamers most of them are not trying to compete with PC that being said there is a lot to be said about the console community and support consoles give their customers that you cant get from PC also on Console everyone is even no kills because your rig loads faster and you don’t have to spend time customizing your rig on a console don’t get m wrong I love my gaming PC but when it comes down to it I grab my Xbox one controller before the keyboard or the PS4 pro or vr head set I do see them bridging a gap but I don’t see them closing it even though it is possible to do and it has been possible for a very long time. I do think that MS and Xbox is going the right direction though allowing windows 10 to work with Xbox is great and I don’t think that when they decided to do Project Scorpio that they where trying to compete with anyone but their own system to push VR and I think it is great but I don’t expect PC gamers or PS gamers to make a change over just for Project Scorpio I think right now who is really being targeted is new gamers because of all the misinformation out there, reason most gamers know their system granted I have meet a few that had no idea but knowing your system and knowing how it works are two different things. I know that Xbox Vr is going to run Oculus cant wait much better than PS4 Vr and it is good considering it released est 1 year in advance but really needs and will most likely get an overhaul but PS4 pro will not run Oculus it don’t have the power so we will see where they go from here. Project Scorpio however specs have not been released so it could be better or worse than gamers think they have put out a lot of info just not everything yet we will most likely get a taste at E3 along with preorder around that time frame as for price 400 to 600 I am thinking and Oculus cost 600 so kind of wishing they would do a bundling I don’t like moving my Oculus Rift from my PC to anywhere so hope they would take the suggestion I sent. Great thing coming not just with Xbox but VR push maybe good and PS I know will keep up as for Wii I don’t say much I think it is for younger gamers yep I got one but I think it mostly targets younger kids with Mario there are like 100s of Mario games now so do what you know still have my original Nintendo to give you an idea of age. Game on Gamers love what you do and you will never work a day in your life

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