Could FIFA Steet Be Heading For Backwards Compatibility?

We have to admit, we were pretty disappointed with FIFA Street. Not because it’s a bad game – it isn’t. It’s a very good game. But from the title we were expecting to be playing with a squashed Coke can for a ball and piles of jumpers for goalposts. That’s how we remember football in the street, anyway.

EA Sports FIFA Street would be a strong favourite for joining the backwards compatibility list, we think. It’s part of the annual update crew, so it’s unlikely to steal focus (or sales) from FIFA 18, and EA are supporters of the initiative, with 17 games on the list. The only EA Sports title there currently is SSX – another title that doesn’t see annual instalments, and with 5,000 votes on, there’s certainly an appetite for FIFA Street to make an appearance.

We’re going on a little more than pure speculation, though – as it seems the multiplayer servers for FIFA Street are now back online – if Redditor Cyaotix is correct.

FIFA Street

Not that this is conclusive proof – far from it. But for now we’ll file this under “interesting rumour” and keep an eye out for an official announcement.

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