Battlefield 1 Server Issues Continue

So it’s that time of year again. The excitement of Christmas day has passed and the family have all gone home. Things are getting back to normal except for one thing, you haven’t got work or school, for a little while at least, the hours are yours. So what do you do? Sit down and play your brand new games of course. And maybe, just maybe, one of those games is Battlefield 1.

This is where your problems could begin. EA seem to be having a few problems with their servers at the moment. Some players are finding that they are unable to get into a multiplayer game, been left with only the campaign to choose from on the main menu page. Although they haven’t confirmed anything on the EA Support Twitter account we can only presume that EA are working to fix the issues. The good news is that the issue doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone and only a few players are having the worst of the troubles.


Another slight glitch that seems to have appeared is that weapon stats seem to have been reset to zero. All guns that have been unlocked stay unlocked but all levels have been reset. It seems that all stats acquired are getting added on to right everything eventually but it is still a little annoying, especially in a game such as Battlefield 1.

Hopefully all of this is down to the amount of new players suddenly logging on and EA will sort everything out quickly. This is the time to still be festive and what could be more festive than a few rounds of battlefield with friends.

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