Five Things To Do With A New Xbox One

Xbox One S

So, you’ve clearly been on the Nice List if that’s a shiny new Xbox One S you’ve just unwrapped. But what are you going to do now? Well, here are five things you’ll want to get started on whilst the rest of the family is sleeping off the turkey overdose and listening to Queenie.

1. Set it up

Sounds a bit obvious, but you’re going to want to set the thing up. Everything you’ll need is in the box – even batteries for your wireless controller. All you’ll need is a spare power socket to plug your console in to, and a spare HDMI slot on your TV or AV receiver.

If you have a compatible 4K HDR TV (with HDR10) and an new Xbox One S, you’re probably going to want to plug the console into a specific HDMI socket to make sure you benefit from all that lovely High Dynamic Range loveliness. You’ll need to consult your TV instruction booklet (or, more likely, the manufacturer’s support website) to work out which one that is. You’re probably looking for a socket marked HDR, Enhanced HDMI (Sony), or UHD Colour (Samsung).

Once everything’s connected up (following the Quick Start sheet that came in the box with the console) you’ll want to follow the set up instructions to configure your Xbox, sign in with a new or existing Microsoft account, and download any updates.

Set Up

Check out the Xbox Support Article if you want to see what that looks like before you plunge in.

2. Get some games

You’ll probably have at least one game bundled with your new console – this will either be a digital code or a physical disc. Either way, you’ll need to install your games before you can play them. For games on disc, this is as simple as slipping the disk – label side up – into the slot in the front of the console, and watching that progress meter.

Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle

For digital codes, from the Xbox One dashboard simply hit the RB button on your controller a couple of times to navigate to the Store page, then about half way down you’ll see an option to “Redeem a Code”. You can also redeem digital codes using an App or on the website – again, there’s a Support Article that can help if you get stuck!

3. Get Some More Games

There are lots of free games available too. Some of these are what are known as ‘free-to-play’ – you’ll be able to play them without paying anything up front, but you may need to pay a subscription or shell out money in the form of micro-transactions (small, one-off payments to help you progress).

If you are an Xbox Live Gold member – Xbox Live Gold is a premium subscription service that lets you access all the online features of your Xbox, including playing online and accessing some apps – then you’ll get four free games every month to play and keep for as long as you remain a gold member. This is the Xbox Games with Gold programme.

Games with Gold

Check out our complete list of FREE GAMES available now, including the current Games with Gold titles.

4. Get EVEN MORE games

If you previously owned an Xbox 360, you might be able to play some of your Xbox 360 games on your new console. Even better – if you used Xbox 360 Cloud Storage to sage your progress, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off.

Backwards Compatible

Not all Xbox 360 games are compatible with the Xbox One, though – there are currently 309 games on the list of backwards compatible titles. If you own any of these 360 games on disc, just pop it into your console and watch it install. If you owned any of these games digitally, from the Xbox One dashboard navigate to “My Games and Apps” and check the Ready to Install section – they will be waiting for you there!

5. Privacy and Online Safety Settings

If you’re a concerned parent setting up the console for your impressionable offspring, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the expansive online safety options. With separate Parent and Child accounts, you can set limits on what your child can do and see. It’s definitely worth running through all the options a couple of times so you know what all the different settings do, especially if you’re not terribly familiar with video games, and online gaming in particular.

Check out the Xbox Live Family Settings page for all the info you’ll need.

Xbox One S models

There you go – five things to do to get you up and playing on Christmas day. We hope you enjoy your console, and that it brings you many hours of happy and safe gaming in the years to come!

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