Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Christmas on Xbox One

Christmas Day is tomorrow! Soon, you’ll be able to see what Santa has left for you underneath a tree decked in tinsel, lights and all other manners of gaudy nonsense. Me, I’ll be sat inside with a glass of Captain Morgan’s watching John McClane shoot Hans Gruber out of the window of Nakatomi Plaza. The Bates household has the best Yuletide traditions. Yippee Ki Yay, Father Christmas.

Still, that magical box of wonders sat next to your TV, or Xbox One if you prefer, contains a whole manner of activities to help celebrate Christmas. Let’s take a look at some ways you can embrace the festivities through your Xbox One.


Dress Up Your Avatar in Festive Garb

Anyone who works in an office will tell you that you can’t escape Christmas attire. But why couldn’t Christmas Jumper day extend to your Xbox One avatar? The avatars might be criminally underutilised on Xbox One, but you can still take a new profile picture of your little Santa Hat. Special mention goes out to the “Bling Reindeer Onesie” on the Avatar Store, for when you want to look rich, festive and stupid. In that order.

Dead Rising 4

Enjoy a “Slay” Ride on Dead Rising 4

Despite the fact we lamented the glitches and unchallenging gameplay present in Dead Rising 4, it’s hard to not feel “Christmassy” when running over thousands of zombies whilst enjoying a jazz rendition of Jingle Bells. It really puts you in the gift-giving mood. The gift being an ice sword stabbing a zombie’s stomach… The recently released DLC even adds more festive bang for your buck, making it almost essential Christmas gaming.


Take a Drive around Blizzard Mountain

Perhaps not directly related to the season of being jolly, it is probably your best bet at a White Christmas. The recently released Blizzard Mountain for Forza Horizon 3 allows players to drive a manner of vehicles around the titular snow-capped peak. Plus, the ever creative Forza community will be at the ready with some Yuletide decals if you want them. This year, Santa rides in style.


Deliver Season’s Beatings in Killer Instinct

Even the fighters and freaks of the Killer Instinct world aren’t impervious to the contagion that is known as “Holiday Cheer”. If you want to dispense festivities forcefully, look no further that the Christmas accessories on Killer Instinct. It perhaps adds insult to injury to be Ultra’d by a T.J Combo wearing a Santa Hat plus beard. Really rubs salt on those wounds.

Saints Row Metro

Protect Saint Nick and The Spirit of Christmas as The Saints

The Saints have done a lot of silly things since their early Stilwater days, but perhaps the most outlandish was the DLC for Saints Row IV that saw the President/Boss teaming up with Santa Claus himself to learn all about the true meaning of Christmas. For The Boss, that happened to mean lots of murder and an excessive amount of crotch shots. That’ll have you carol singing at a higher octave.

And there’s your list. Be sure to unwrap all your presents, and let us know how you’ll be celebrating Christmas this year!

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