Our favourite UWP Apps

Inside every Xbox One lurks Windows 10 – Microsoft’s all-encompassing operating system that supports the Universal Windows Platform. This means – in theory – any app that uses UWP can run on any Windows 10 device, be it PC, laptop, tablet, phone, or Xbox One.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourites.


VideoLan – or VLC – is one of the most fully featured video players around, with a support for a wide range of file formats and a whole host of tricks – like electronically boosting volume beyond 100%, useful when that atmospheric soundtrack is just a little too subtle.

VLC has just launched a UWP version and, whilst it’s still in development, it does a good job of playing media on your Xbox One.

To grab the app, head on over to the Store, hit the big blue Get the app button, then hit up your Ready to Install list on your console. Voila.

Phonos Universal

Phonos is the best third-party Sonos client around. If you’re a fan of the bets multi-room music system on the planet, then you’ll know that its iOS and Android clients are fantastic, and the desktop app is pretty good, too. However, there’s no official Win10 app support on the horizon, and Sonos has steadfastly refused to build a client for Windows phones. Enter Phonos, and their new UWP Preview app. Now you can control your multi-room system from your Windows Phone, your laptop of even your Xbox One, with this single app.

Now the App’s out of preview it’s not free, but it’s definitely worth a look. To grab the app, head on over to the Store, hit the big blue Get the app button, then hit up your Ready to Install list on your console. Bob’s your Uncle.


If you listen to podcasts then you’ll need some sort of tool to organise them – enter Cast. With this UWP app your library of Podcssts is synced across all your devisecs – including Xbox One – allowing you to stop listening on one device, and pick it right back up where you left off on another.

You know what to do – hit up the Store and go from there.


There you have it – three of our favourite, and less well known, UWP Apps. What are yours?

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