Treyarch To Continue Support On Black Ops 3

Recently, Treyarch posted a livestream on facebook discussing it’s plans for Black Ops 3. Yes, that’s right, plans for Black Ops 3, which was released back in November 2015.

It’s no surprise that Infinite Warfare has been poorly received and sales have fallen dramatically behind that of Black Ops 3; which Activision claim to be the best selling Call of Duty title on current generation consoles.

It makes complete sense to continue support for a game that has the most active players, which is why Dan Bunting, head of the studio has announced it plans to continue support for the community of players including new content for Zombies with a new feature called ‘Newton’s Cookbook’.

They remain quiet on anything else on the matter so chances are, they’re planning on bringing new maps and modes to the multiplayer portion of Black Ops 3. Maybe they will bring new content to the campaign, with this being possibly the last Black Ops title, that is if they plan on continuously supporting it. Time will tell.

Do you still play Black Ops 3 and how do you feel about new content coming? Are you playing Infinite Warfare still? We would be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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