Season 3 of The Walking Dead won’t be coming to last gen consoles.

The 3rd instalment of The Walking Dead series is releasing the first 2 episodes on December 20th, but developers Telltale Games have announced that The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will not be available on last generation consoles. Xbox 360 (and PS3) gamers will not be able to buy the latest instalment either physically or digitally.

If you played the last instalment on a last gen console, all is not lost though as Telltale Games have confirmed that you will still be able to import your existing save from The Walking Dead – Season Two and start your game with a backstory that reflects your choices. If you need to do this, detailed instruction can be found here – how to import your Season Two save into A New Frontier

If you no longer have your save or access to it, a new feature has also been added to The Walking Dead: A New Frontier that allows you to tailor your backstory through the new Story Generator.

Season 3 takes place a few years after the events of the previous instalment. It will also introduce a new protagonist, a young man named Javier alongside the returning Clementine. As before, the season will again be split into 5 episodes with the first two episodes, titled ‘Ties that Bind – Part 1 & Part 2‘, arriving next week.

Are you looking forward to the 3rd Season?, What do you think of the decision to drop last gen consoles? Head to the comments section below to let us know…

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