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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and many a gamer’s thoughts turn to the gadgets they’d like to find under the tree on Happy Santa Day. But if you are spoiled for choice, or looking for that something special for the gamer in your life, don’t worry. We got you, fam.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite gaming gadgets that we’ve tested this year – and some things we’d like for ourselves! – and grouped them together by price so you’re sure to find some gift inspiration here.

Part Three| Now you’re talking

Not that we’re in any way materialistic, but stuff’s getting exciting now. When you enter the realms of three-figure spending, you’re looking at some seriously nice kit.

And it doesn’t get much nicer than the LucidSound LS30 Wireless Headset. The second entry for LucidSound in our gift guide sees us extolling the virtues of LucidSound’s first product – a stereo headset almost without compare. Uncompressed audio flung wirelessly to one of the best-looking headsets around, with brilliantly intuitive controls and build quality that’s second to none.

We awarded the LucidSound LS30 Headset 4.5 stars, and it’s still one of our faves. Grab a pair for £130. (As we went to press, retailer Game dropped the price of the black LS30s to just £80!)

LucidSound LS-30

“The LS-30 delivers one of the very best audio experiences of any gaming headset, and is far and away the best sounding stereo gaming headset we have ever tested.”

If you like your headsets more overtly ‘gamey’, you might want to consider the Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+, which we reviewed last month. Sound quality is a notch down from the LucidSound LS30s (to our ears) but the TurtleBeach model is fully wireless – not even a chat lead needed. We gave them 4.5 stars and you can be wearing a pair for £130.

“The Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ is the complete stereo headset for Xbox One. Comfortable, great sound, and fully wireless.”

A final headset alternative will stretch your budget, but offers full 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound – for £200 you could don the Astro A40 TR and, combined with the Astro Mixamp Pro, have one of the best gaming headsets around. This is a five-star package.


“The Astro A40 TR and Mix Amp Pro is without a doubt one of the best premium headset packages we have ever tested. It’s a premium package at a premium price point, but you get what you pay for and the quality on offer matches the £200 asking price.”

There were certainly eyebrows raised when Microsoft released pricing details for the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. It was an unexpected step for Microsoft, entering as they were the professional gaming peripheral arena with a direct competitor to top flight offerings from specialists like Scuf Gaming. We, too, were sceptical – until, that is, we got our hands on one. Quite simply, the best controller ever made by a console manufacturer – we awarded it a perfect 5 stars.

Released at £120 they were rarer than hens’ teeth – and now, a year later, they’re just a tenner cheaper, at £110.


“This is the best video game controller ever offered by a console manufacturer, and should even make the specialist market sit up and take notice. If ever there was a statement that Xbox is serious about video games, this is it. If you spend a large proportion of your leisure time gaming on your Xbox One, you will not regret investing in this glorious accessory.”

The Kinect is great for a bit of light streaming, but iof you’re serious about your streaming of video capture, then you’ll need a capture card. Elgato is the biggest name in the business and their recently revised Elgato HD60S is one of the best black boxes on the market.

A step up from the HD60, which we reviewed in 2015, the HD60S upgrades the USB port to 3.0 and beefs up the internals to allow you to play using the stream feed – no delay between console and capture. This speed was previously only available to streamers with big box PCs that could accommodate an internal card, but now laptop owners can experience the same blistering speed (if you have a beefy enough laptop – you’ll likely need an i7).

Elgato HD60S

There you go – a few gift ideas in the £100 – £200 range added to the list.

[table colwidth=”0|150|300|100|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|center|center|left”] ,Category,Product,Review,Store,Price

,Charging,Venom Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack,Review,Store,£10
,Controller,Horipad Pro,Review,Store,£35
,Headset,PDP Afterglow Level 5+,Review,Store,£35
,Controller,PDP Afterglow,Review,Store,£38
,Headset,Official Xbox One Stereo Headset,No Review,Store,£40
,Microphone,Turtle Beach Stream Mic,Review,Store,£75
,Headset,LucidSound LS20,Review,Store,£80
,Headset,HyperX CloudX Revolver,Review,Store,£80
,Controller,Razer Wildcat,Review,Store,£100
,Headset,Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 PC headset,Review,Store,£100
,Controller,Xbox Elite Wireless Controller ,Review,Store,£110
,Headset,LucidSound LS30,Review,Store,£130
,Headset,Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+,Review,Store,£130
,Capture,Elgato HD60S,No Review,Store,£160
,Headset,Astro A40 MixAmp Pro,Review,Store,£200


Check out Part 1 – Gifts up to £50 | Part 2 – Gifts £50 – £100 | In our final part, we’ll look at money no object gift ideas!

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