Xbox Keeps Pace With PlayStation Sales In November

Xbox One S

After winning the sales war with PlayStation for the last few months, Xbox sales slipped below those of the PS4 in November – but not by much.

NPD sales figures show that Microsoft shifted a million units in November, just 10% behind the 1.1 million PS4s shipped by Sony. A pretty strong performance, given that PS4 sales were bolstered by the release of the brand new PS4 Pro, as well as PlayStation VR – one of the more affordable ways to get your head into VR headset.

It’s great to se e that consumers are recognising the value of Xbox – hey, you’re reading this so we know you’re engaged already – and whilst we love our Sony Bros across the divide, our chests do swell to see our favourite console’s still attracting  new audience.

Battlefield Console Bundle

Battlefield 1 Xbox One S Console Bundle

With a number of wallet and Christmas friendly Xbox One S bundles hitting the market last month, it’s clear there will be some overjoyed campers waking up on Happy Santa Day to a shiny new Xbox under the tree.

Don’t worry, Microsoft, we’ll keep singing your baby’s praises until Scorpio hits the market next year and resets our expectations of console power and performance. Just, you know, remember us when it comes time to hand out review hardware?

Source: Windows Central

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2 thoughts on “Xbox Keeps Pace With PlayStation Sales In November”

  1. ?MCT⛄️ says:

    you might wana read this @MrCraftRedstone lol

  2. Segaman says:

    Here, here!!! Well said. I was TREMENDOUSLY interested in just how wide the margin was and these numbers are incredibly great for Micrisift!! This is with them informing everyone upfront a mid cycle machine is coming 2017!!

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