Vertagear Launch Gaming Series Triigger Line

A good quality gaming chair is as important a part of your set up as your screen or controller. Whether you’re hunched over in focused concentration in the dying moments of a competitive Overwatch match, or kicking back and having a laugh with friends as you knock off the laps in Mantis Burn Racing, the contraption that’s keeping your bum off the ground is vital.

Gaming chair specialists Vertagear have announced the addition of the Gaming Series to their product family.

“Gaming series is the latest addition to Vertagear gaming chair product family. Over 275 and 350 individual components are meticulously assembled together to construct the astonishingly beautiful Triigger 275 and Triigger 350, respectfully.

“Modern Formula One cars use paddle shifters for gear changing. It is the most convenient and efficient way, and has been adapted by most exotic sports cars. Competitive gaming is no less intense comparing to competitive racing, and gamers need the most convenient and efficient way to adjust their sitting positions for the ultimate comfort.”

By moving the chair adjustment controls from beneath the seat to the arm rests – right next to where your hands are – adjustments to your seating position can be made up to eight times faster than with traditional chairs.

Additionally, with the focus on ergonomics and design, the finest mechanisms and materials are used. The powerhouse of the chair is within the Dual Spring Hub, which evenly distributes the pressure applied to the chair. For sturdy reinforcement, the paddle systems are guided by steel cables and the whole chair sits on a superior aluminum alloy frame.

The Triigger line offers two models – the 275 and the 350, each named for the number of high precision components assembled together to form each chair.

Vertagear Triiger 275 and Triiger 350

The Triigger 275 is made up of over 275 components. You can adjust the lumbar and back rest height to your comfort. The Triigger 275 is available in Black, Blue, Red, and White. Additional features: Class 12.9 screws, real calfskin Leather, Holtron hub-less casters, reinforced DuPont TPEE mesh.

The Triigger 350 is manufactured with over 350 components. The lumbar support’s height and depth is easily adjusted on the chair. The complete frame of the chair is constructed with aluminum alloy. The Triigger 350 is available in Black and Special Edition Red (alloy frame is coated with automotive paint and enhanced casters).

We love the Vertagear Racing Series – check out our review of the SL5000 and a competition winner’s unboxing – and the Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger line looks every bit as good. We can’t wait to get our hands (and bums) on one to try it out!

You can find out more about the Gaming Series Tiiigger line over at

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