Order Take-Out and Watch AMC Without Putting Down Your Controller

Every Xbox gamer knows that the Xbox One console does much more than just play games. Games, video calls, watching movies, streaming shows, listening to music, ect. are just a few things we can do on the console. I’m happy to say that two more actions that are being added to the list!

AMC has just recently released an Xbox app for users to access and keep track of their favorite shows and series. The latest full episodes and video clips will be available on the app, and now AMC is allowing users to stream the latest episodes of The Walking Dead’s latest season! Some clips are available without being signed up, but in order to access all features, you will need to sign in with your TV subscription credentials (US subscriptions only).


Our laziness gets an upgrade! You don’t have to put down your controller to order food! Just Eat, the online food delivery service that delivers from over 27,00 different restaurants, is working on an Xbox One app and is currently searching the UK for beta testers to try out their service. If you are in the UK and would like to get in on this beta, I’ve provided the steps below.

How To Get The Just Eat Xbox One Beta:

1) On your Xbox One, make sure you are signed in to your Microsoft account.

2) From the Home screen, scroll right to Store.

3) Under Games, select Use a code.

4) Enter your personal redemption code: GXRR9-XWYPV-9D2CF-YCPMD-WRY9Z

Are you excited about these apps being added to the console? Is there an app you hope gets added soon? Is there an app that you wish had NOT been added? Let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Order Take-Out and Watch AMC Without Putting Down Your Controller”

  1. Stu Newman says:

    AMC isn’t exactly relevant to Xbox UK if you still can’t watch full episodes! Nothing in this artcle I can’t already do without an iPad or using TV apps

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