Rocket League Starbase Arc DLC Out Now

Psyonix has added a ton of new content to its ever-growing Rocket League.

Patch notes published over at the official website for Rocket League, detail what’s included with this new (mostly) free DLC:


  • Starbase ARC is now available in all playlists.

  • Wasteland (Night) is now available in all playlists.

  • Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) is now available in all playlists.

    • Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) will stay in all online playlists through early 2017.

    • Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) is a permanent addition to the Snow Day playlist.



  • Satellite Antenna

  • Video Game Awards Flag (Updated for 2016)

  • Noclip Community Flag

  • NZXT Community Flag

  • SDMN FC Community Flag

  • Vikkstar Community Flag


(DLC) Battle-cars

  • Added “Vulcan” DLC Battle-Car, including…

    • (DLC) Six new Decals:

      • (DLC) Combat

      • (DLC) Cryo Flames

      • (DLC) Medic

      • (DLC) Space Worm

      • (DLC) ARC

      • (DLC) Armada

    • (DLC) One new Wheel:

      • (DLC) Vulcan



  • Flower Power (Merc)

  • The following skins have received a visual upgrade when used on the upgraded Gizmo and X-Devil:

    • Lightning

    • Flames

    • Skulls

    • Stars

    • Stripes

    • Tech

    • Wings

Rocket Trails

  • Lightning Yellow Boost


Holiday 2016

  • New Year’s 2017 Glasses Topper

  • Elf Hat Topper

  • Nutcracker Antenna

  • All 2015 Items:

    • Xmas Rocket Trail

    • Blitzen Topper

    • Christmas Tree Topper

    • Sad Sapling Topper

    • Santa Topper

    • Candy Cane Antenna

    • Holiday Gift Antenna


Just to put the icing on the Christmas cake, they’ve addressed some issues and made some changes with some Quality-of-Life adjustments:


  • Custom Training

    • A new “Custom Training” editor has been added that allows players to create training sequences, and share them with others through PsyNet.

    • When you upload a sequence to PsyNet, a unique alphanumeric code is generated that you can use to share online.

    • The default “Browse” view shows the most played sequences on your platform to make it easy to discover new ways to train.

    • You can “Favorite” sequences to quickly access them later from the “Favorites” tab.

    • For the initial “v1” release, all Custom Training sequences are platform-specific.


  • Color Blind Support

    • A new “Color Blind Mode” option has been added to the Options menu that forces all cars and team colors to the default, high-contrast Orange and Blue shades.

    • A new “High Contrast Nameplates” option has been added that changes the shape and outline of the opposing team’s nameplates.


  • Postgame Highlights

    • At the end of each match, match highlight replays will now be played in the background behind the scoreboard.

    • The scoreboard can now be hidden with a button press to better view the match highlights.


  • Master Volume Control

    • A Master Volume Control slider has been added to Audio Options that allows players to adjust the overall volume of the game without having to change each category individually.


  • Controller Deadzone

    • A new Controller Deadzone option has been added that allows players to specify how large of an analog stick input deadzone they want.

    • The default value of 0.3 means that you must tilt the analog stick 30% of the way in a direction before your car begins to change directions on the ground or in the air.

    • Reducing this value makes your steering more sensitive, but can also lead to unintended changes in direction.

    • This value does not affect how the game detects directional dodge move input.



  • Arena Preferences

    • An “Arenas” button has been added to the Playlist menu that allows players to “Like” or “Dislike” specific maps.

    • “Liking” an arena increases the odds that you will play on it in online matches, while “Disliking” has the opposite effect.

    • When a server chooses the next Arena, the servers factors in the preferences of all connected players. A map is less likely to be chosen if multiple players “Dislike” said map.

    • Default: Your preferences are applied to all Playlists by default.

      Custom: “Likes” and “Dislikes” can be changed on each Playlist.


  • Rocket Labs Updates

    • The Rocket Labs playlist has been retired.

    • All active Rocket Labs maps have been added to Casual Playlists

    • With the release of Starbase ARC, Octagon has been removed from the pool of active Lab maps.

    • Double Goal has been re-added to the active Labs map pool in all Casual Playlists.


  • Seamless Bot Replacement

    • When a player joins a match in progress, they are now spawned into the same position as the bot they are replacing.

    • Your camera will focus on the bot you will replace to let you orient yourself. A short countdown will play and you will be spawned into the match with control of your car.




  • Car customization will no longer be lost when equipping a licensed vehicle. Any incompatible items will now be re-attached when switching back to a non-licensed vehicle.

  • Aquadome wall distortion has been removed to fix double ball image issue.

  • Batmobile no longer “bounces” upon landing from a jump or aerial.

  • Players will no longer be randomly banned from matchmaking after a crash.

  • UI will no longer display the “New Item” indicator if the new item is a Crate and you have Crate notifications disabled.

  • Players no longer forced into matches if Party Leader joins a match.

  • Green shades of paint added to the primary car color selection in a previous update now work correctly in online matches.


What do you think to the latest free update? Do you think more developers should provide this amount of support to it’s existing games? We would be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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