New Information Pertaining To Destiny Sequel and The Dawning

Guardians were treated to a bunch of new news about Destiny and it’s developer Bungie that shed more light about their upcoming event on December 13th known as The Dawning.  There was also some more information about some changes to the current matchmaking settings in the Crucible.  Bungie also announced a new partnership with another studio.

In the weekly “This Week at Bungie” Destiny community manager Deej talked about some of the changes that are coming in patch 2.5 that will come with the Dawning event.  First off the event goes live at 6pm UTC on Tuesday 13 December.  When it goes live, patch 2.5 will also go live.  The nightfall strike from that reset will be disabled until that patch is released and for good reason.

  • There is going to be an increase to the drop rates of skeleton keys from the SIVA Crisis Strike playlist, Heroic SIVA Crisis Strike playlist, and the Nightfall Strike.  Accompanying that, you will also be awarded a skeleton key on your first nightfall completion.  This applies to your account and not each character it appears.  How much of an increase in overall drop rates we don’t know.
  • We mentioned earlier that as long as you are level 40, all green quality armor and weapon engrams you pick up will automatically dismantle into weapon parts or armor materials… THANK YOU BUNGIE!
  • If you are running low on passage coins have no fear.  You will now be able to exchange motes of light for passage coins.  He will also accept materials for passage coins and motes of light.
  • The Gunsmith will now will now have the legendary weapons you are award for hitting rank 2 with the Gunsmith.  Guardians who dismantled their Stillpiercer, Immobius, or Susanoo – you can repurchase these weapons from him for Legendary Marks.


Outside of the patch information, fellow community manager Cosmo announced some changes to skill based matchmaking.  In the Bungie forums, he announced that Destiny will put more of a focus on connection quality and less on skill.  Here’s what he had to say on the topic:

We’ve made a change to the Matchmaking system in an effort to increase match quality. Our specific goal is to reduce the number of matches that begin before they fill up with players. To achieve this, we are expanding the available skill-range for other players earlier and more aggressively. We will also be looking for lower-latency matches for longer than before. Essentially, this puts a stronger bias on connection quality, with less emphasis on skill matching. This may result in slightly longer matchmaking times in some cases. For some of you, this could mean that you’ll be matched with opponents well outside of your skill range. We hope the tradeoff is worth it to improve the Crucible ecosystem in general.

As always, our work in designing a Crucible experience that serves all players is never finished. Be sure to let us know what you experience out there. Our forum, just like our game, is a constant source of great feedback.


Lastly is a business move that Bungie has made that may point to the efforts going towards a Destiny sequel.  Bungie has brought developer Vicarious Visions in the help expand the award winning Destiny experience – as they put it.  This is the third development team, counting Bungie, that is working on Destiny with the third being High Moon Studios.  These studios are all focused on the Destiny sequel and we believe it points to a rather large game is coming in 2017.  This could also be that they are truly porting the next Destiny game to the PC since one of these studios could work on the port.  Either way this is a good thing that more hands are helping make the next Destiny game better.

Source: Bungie

Are you excited for The Dawning?  What do you think of the changes to skill based matchmaking?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. StuN UK says:

    Not even Sparrow Racimg could tempt me back now. Too many other games to play. I can wait until Destiny 2

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