Bridge Constructor Stunts Review

Bridge Constructor Stunts is a port of the Steam and mobile puzzler which first challenges you to be a careful engineer, before employing you as a reckless stunt driver and use your careful constructions to create mind-blowing jumps and explosions. Can Bridge Constructor Stunts overcome its mobile roots and become a success on console?

Well, it’s complicated.  Bridge Constructor Stunts offers two core – but distinct – elements.  First is building bridges and ramps to properly get your vehicle from the start to the finish.  Here, the mechanics work really well and you’ll have to factor in a lot of real-world physics, like centripetal force, gravity, and force.  You can’t go crazy with your builds, since you are forced to stay within a budget set for each level.  From using wooden platforms, to wired suspension cables, there’s plenty of in-depth planning required when it comes to customizing your design to most effectively – and entertainingly – clear each level.


As solid as all this is, the game can sometimes fall flat. Bridge Constructor Stunts really hypes up itself as a stunts and extreme not-really-racing-but-driving game. The game has a problem with balance, with a great deal of your time spend creating and building, and very little on the other side of the game – we easily spent anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes building our ramps and bridges.

But once our build was set and we were ready to drive, we were only driving and jumping for about 20 seconds.  When your build completely fails, it’s depressing when you’ve spent 20 minutes building a bridge and ramp for only 20 seconds of intense action – only for it all to fail. Sessions can sometimes feel very unrewarding.


There are some neat touches, though. The simulate feature is a great way to see if your build will hold – but it doesn’t factor in the vehicle hitting it, or driving on it.  When driving through your builds, there are stars and other objects to collect – sometimes these are distractions, but other levels make collecting these mandatory to progress. There are a range of different vehicles, including tow truck and big rig 18-wheeler, but each doesn’t drastically change the way the game plays; each feels  different, but your approach for each ramp and bridge build will be the same.

The Xbox One version of the game doesn’t offer anything more than the mobile versions – a bit of a letdown that something on mobile isn’t particularly tweaked for a console that’s easily more capable than mobile hardware.

That being said, there’s certainly nothing lacking in the way Bridge Constructor Stunts looks or sounds. Headup Games and Clockstone Studio has delivered a fun, arcade style that works with the game. And musical accompaniment matches the on-screen action throughout – calm, relaxing music while building, and fast rock while driving.  The explosions and wreckage sounds create a feel of epic destruction. It’s fun, but seems out of place in a game based on building rather than destroying.


Don’t get us wrong, Bridge Constructor Stunts is a fun game to pick up and try.  It’s unique, but it does nothing to hide its mobile roots. The lack of balance between the core building and driving mechanics is unsettling – there’s much more emphasis on building, leaving driving as an after thought. Ultimately, there’s not enough of the ‘stunts’ to differentiate this game from 2015’s Bridge Constructor.

As a whole, Bridge Constructor Stunts is definitely the most fun you’ll have building bridges. How long it will keep you interested, though, is debatable.

Bridge Constructor Stunts is available on 16 December from the Store, priced £7.99.

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Build a Bridge and Get Over It!
  • 6/10
    Overall - 6/10


Bridge Constructor Stunts offers the strategy and the silly. Occasionally lacklustre, it does capture attention in the brief moments of success in building something and watching it work. Pair that with explosions and big jumps, and it’s not all bad. And budding enginners will get an explosive kick out of it.

Robert Rodkey

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