State of Decay 2 Will Support Co-Op

After the initial announcement that there will be a State of Decay sequel, Undead Labs hasn’t released much information about the game. Finally Undead Labs CEO Jeff Strain sheds some light onto the upcoming game, which will support four-player co-op.

“I know SoD fans are hungry for details on number and size of maps, regions, kilometers of playable area, etc, but we’re not quite ready for that. For now, suffice it to say that the playable area is substantially larger than State of Decay.”

“The millions of State of Decay players have been clear about what they want in State of Decay 2: A bigger, better State of Decay they can play with their friends. We intend to deliver on all of those.” – Strain


“We want it to be fun to play with your friends, so the design mechanics encourage teamwork and cooperation. That said, ‘encouraging’ is not the same as ‘forcing.’ You will be free to get in a car and go anywhere you like, just as you would if you were playing by yourself.”

“There may be times when it’s tactically advantageous to do so. For example, you may be under the gun to get medical supplies back to your base, and you decide to split up and have two players scavenge the supermarket pharmacy while two others go scout for a car or SUV with a large amount of trunk space to get the goods home. Or you could even be working on completely separate objectives and only come together as needed to get each other out of a tight spot. Ultimately you’ll be more effective (and, if we do our jobs well, you’ll have a lot more fun) playing close together, but as always with State of Decay, your play style is up to you.”


“The most visible benefit will be visual,” he says. “For the requirements of State of Decay 2, [Unreal Engine 4] gives us the tools and tech we need to create higher resolution environments and characters with more sophisticated lighting, shaders, and effects. Our art director Doug calls the artistic style for State of Decay ‘Faded Americana’, and one of the key aspects of that is a painterly style and color palette reminiscent of the old Kodak Ektachrome film. UE4 gives us the tools to get closer to realizing that style on your screen.

“Beyond that, the biggest benefit is simply efficiency in creating content. UE4 has sophisticated tools, such as Blueprint, that support rapid prototyping and feature development. That makes it far easier for us to add new content and features to the game, both before and after release.”


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Sabrina Sanders

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