Everything We Know About Destiny: The Dawning

Bungie this past weekend put out a ton of information about their newest event for the Destiny called The Dawning.  The great thing is this isn’t just some simple event and is almost on par with what was provided last April in a major update.  Now that the weekend is done, let’s recap everything we know guardians can expect on December 13th.

As mentioned The Dawning begins on December 13th and goes until January 3rd.  Don;t worry though because there is a ton of things that will remain part of everyday life.

First is what we all knew was coming – Sparrow Racing League (SRL).  The return of SRL was to be expected and has been mentioned by Bungie on more than one occasion.  The two maps that racers tested their skill on last year will return as well as two new tracks: Shining Sands and Haakon Precipice.  Shining sands is based on Mercury and Haakon Precipice is in the snow covered Cosmodrome.  You will need to own Rise of Iron to race on the two new tracks.


With racing comes new race gear.  This gear will be light level efficient so you can infuse them up to light level 400.  They also have two separate ornaments slots.  The ornaments aren’t anything crazy but give some customization.  Along with the new armor pieces there are new sparrows to earn as well.  After The Dawning event is over, SRL will be available in private matches as a permanent fixture.  The SRL racing record book is back and it appears that this will be free for everyone unlike last year which is very welcomed.  The book works the same as the Rise of Iron book with challenges in both racing and strike scoring.

Speaking of strike scoring, there is a change to the way to play strikes.  Strike scoring is a new feature that gives you a score based on performance of a particular strike you are completing a la Challenge of Elders.  There hasn’t been a report of a global leaderboard but this will give some replay value for the strikes beside exotic farming.  With the changes to strikes, some strikes are also getting the SIVA treatment.  The Will of Crota (Ominigul) and The Shadow Thief (Taniks) are currently in the SIVA playlists but will be getting SIVA variations.


The Nexus strike though is now being added to the playlist and will be given what appears to be a Taken variant.  What makes this even more exciting is the trailer shows the boss fight now using a Vex shield relic to break the boss’ shield like in the Templar fight in the Vault of Glass raid.  It’s great to see that they are changing the way that these strikes were played to give a new feel.  Also it appears that the nightfall will be given by Commander Zavala in the form of a bounty or quest.

With new things to do comes new loot.  There will be new armor and exotic weapons to be had.  The famed year 1 sniper rifle Icebreaker is returning for year 3 use.  Icebreaker will also have 2 ornaments to give it some up to date style.  The first ornament is Dunemaker which is a traditional style camo skin and Nanohance which is an all white with subtle accents.  Destiny community manager Deej commented on Twitter on how to get Icebreaker.

With Icebreakers return, we are getting two new heavy machine guns.  Back when the trailer for The Taken King first released, we saw a solar elemental “Thunderlord” machine gun.  This gun is named Abbadon and it is a solar elemental heavy machine gun with the same perks as Thunderlord where the longer you hold the trigger, the faster it shoots and it becomes more accurate.  There is also a void version as well known as Nova Mortis.  Some of the new armor sets outside of the racing gear will have new styles of ornaments.  According the to Destiny Twitter page, these new ornaments can be obtained through “Treasures of the Dawning.”

These look really neat and have a style somewhat like the Trials of Osiris ornaments.

Bungie tweeted out through the Destiny Twitter page that players can expect “gifts” from the citizens in the tower.  What these gifts will be we don’t know.

The official trailer is full of good stuff which you can check out below as well:

With so much going on and everything that will be around to stay after The Dawning, it’s great to see Bungie rebound after the Festival of the Cost… I mean Lost, event that was heavily focused on microtransactions.  What do you think?  What else do you hope happens for the upcoming Dawning event?  Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Bungie

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