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Forget everything you know about fighting whilst in space, it’s time to widen your perspective beyond your wildest dreams – have you cleared your mind, now we can begin. Hold on to your space hats, it’s time to check out Space Jammers.

It’s up to you to guide the ultimate alien rock band through a dangerous and deadly multiverse, not just any old ultimate rock band though; this one is made up of hardcore kitten pirates. Think you’re up to the task of helping out these fluffy rockers; it’s not going to be easy but, as gamers, we wouldn’t have it any other way. you need to pilot star fighters, board upon space ships, loot the locals for what you can to reach your goal – funding your uber awesome music tour. After all travelling the galaxy and rocking out isn’t cheap so your crew must be more than able to plunder and pillage through space ships, local planets and hidden caches. But the music industry is so cut throat, even in space so watch out for the rival bands and other space pirates – there’s no honour amongst thieves here. So be prepared to fight or sneak through procedurally generated levels with guns, the ever deadly brightsabers or the pinnacle of weaponry known as the sausage whips and upgrade unique skills to deal with randomly generated bosses. Nothing can stop you getting to the Galactic Battle Of The Bands, how else can you become a legendary King Of Rock.

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  • 1 – 4 Players Through Local Co-op
  • Craft Your Own Character
  • Choose How To Respawn
  • Randomly Generated Levels, Rules, Bosses And Weapons
  • Varied Styles Of Play
  • Equip Hidden Items And Level Up Your Skills
  • Learn How To Surf Bullets (Hell Yeah)

Who on earth could have thought up the genius idea behind Space Jammers, please give a warm welcome to Spread Shot Studios. Based in San Francisco, California they re-spawn alternative multi-player arcade games for PC, Consoles and Android micro-consoles. The goal is to provide gamers with enjoyable experiences for several people that can be as casual or hardcore as you want it to be. Sorob Raissi is the sole developer and founder of Spread Shot Studios. He is responsible for the art, code and design. He grew up in the flatlands of Orlando, FL and is half Persian, half Dutch.

How do you fancy helping out, that’s right, you can help out and make Space Jammers happen via Kickstarter. There’s a wide range of rewards if you make a pledge from adding a ‘game over’ phrase all the way to designing an actual in-game weapon or boss, sounds pretty sweet don’t you think. Head over to their Kickstarter page right HERE and help out where you can, also if you want to know a bit more about Spread Shot Studios then check out there site HERE – you’ll be glad you did. As for now you can check out the trailer below, it’s already looking pretty sweet and has the retro soundtrack to match:

I would love to know what you think to Space Jammers, is it something that is right up your street or not quite right for you (in my opinion, it looks like a game I’ll be spending quite a few hours playing) – let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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