ReCore with HDR is Coming

ReCore Horizontal Key Art

It was just a matter of time – now for the six people who bought ReCore, prepare to for a HDR update.

The announcement came – where else? – on Twitter, where both Microsoft Studios’ Shannon Loftis and Xbox’s Mike Ybarra both confirmed that the game will get a graphical upgrade when played on Xbox One S.

HDR – high dynamic range – gives greater colour and contrast to images, essentially making them a whole lot richer and pleasing on the eye.

The downside? You’ll need a TV capable of rendering 4K images and an Xbox One S (Sorry, your regular Joe Schmo Xbox ain’t gonna cut it). Still, it’s always nice to see Microsoft support HDR for older games as well as new releases.

Despite intense excitement after its E3 reveal, ReCore struggled to find its place once released – an indie game with triple-A backing, it was plagued with long load times and expectations way above what it could deliver (Microsoft’s very own No Man’s Sky). Microsoft will be hoping that by adding HDR support, the game might pick up a few more sales and a few more fans. With the game’s mechanics based on colour, it’s a no-brainer for a HDR update.

Expect to see ReCore’s HDR support in the new year.

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