AData HD650X External Hard Drive Review

It’s thought that the human brain has an infinite capacity for memory. We cannot fill it up. We can forget – memories can be lost to us unless we’ve the right method of recollection – but that’s not because our brain has run out of storage.

An Xbox One, on the other hand, very much has finite storage. Enter the HD650X External Hard Drive with its spacious 2 terabytes, compatible for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.productimage7349-1

Except it isn’t 2TB’s worth of storage, it’s “only” 1.8TB. As with most devices the number on the box isn’t what you get in reality due to the decimal capacity and binary discrepancy, where 2TB in decimal equates to 1,862GB in binary. Still plenty of space to be getting on with

The cool bonus with he HD650X though it has a custom-designed high durability (we’ll come back to that bit later) USB 3.0 drive. USB 3.0 drives – the only standard supported by Xbox One – actually transfer data faster than the internal drive built into your Xbox One, so you’re very likely to get faster installs and load times on this.

On first look, we clearly seen the packaging is designed with Xbox in mind – it’s white and mainly green. On the right side of the box it clearly states also ‘Compatible for Xbox’ with a controller image just underneath. The capacity is shown in the upper right corner. And of course on the back you all have of the specifications you need.

Inside the box you’ll find theHD650X drive, a USB3.0 cable and a manual.

AData says the HD650X is Build for ‘Hardcore Gaming’

“The HD650X is a modified version of our acclaimed HD650 ruggedized external drive, meaning it passes very demanding reliability tests, far stricter than those for conventional external hard drives. It features tough silicone layering that’s more than just color-matched to the Xbox ecosystem. The materials used make the HD650X highly resistant to water, shocks, and dust, so it’ll last you a long time even if you take it on the road. The HD650X is not the kind of external drive that shies from a challenge, and it’s ready to match your passion for gaming with a hardened design that can take a knock (or quite a few).”

If your hard drive is going to spend its life ensconced in your AV unit, protected and cossetted from the outside world, the HD650X might be overkill. But if you’re in the habit of travelling with your Xbox One, or just chucking the drive into your bag for a trip ’round to your mate’s house, AData’s bullet proof device will give you all the peace of mind you’ll ever need.


Capacity :2TB
Color :green
Weight : 201g(7.1oz)
Interface : USB3.0, backward compatible with USB 2.0
Texture : Plastic/Rubber

The AData HD650X External Hard Drive is currently available online for around £100 and also comes with a three-year warranty.

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An almoist bullet-proof storage solution for the Xboxer on the go.
  • Overall


The AData HD650X External Hard Drive delivers super-performance and hardcore build quality, but you’ll want to decide if that durability – and this thing will outlive us all – is worth the premium you’ll pay over other 2TB portable drives. That said, the ADATA HD650X is the perfect choice for Xbox owners who travel a lot.

One thought on “AData HD650X External Hard Drive Review

  • 28/11/2016 at 8:14 pm

    How is a fast USB3 external drive possibly going to speed up installs coming from a slow BD drive or even slower internet connection?

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