Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 goes Free to Play… sort of

Yesterday, Konami announced the ‘much-awaited’ Free to Play edition of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Available from the Store for exactly zero Earth pounds, PES fans and those curious about this ‘other’ franchise can now strap on their boots and take to the field without financial outlay.

In our review we praised Pro Evo’s on-field play – this year’s edition really does have the talent to challenge FIFA (we rated both games 8 out of 10), Now, with the release of this free to play version, you can try out exhibition matches and training mode, as well as enter into the new online PES LEAGUE mode, where teams compete for glory in limited-time competitions.

PES Trial

Like many Free to Play titles, this one does have in-game micro transactions. Well, just one, really – a single transaction to upgrade to the full game. This – alongside the limited modes on offer – tends to make us consider this a demo rather than a true Free to Play title (and indeed, it’s referred to as a ‘Trial’ in the store, despite Konami’s assertions). It is, though separate from the demo which released back in August, and for those on the fence about which of the big two franchises to buy into this season, it’s an ideal way to try out PES.

Pick it up from the Store – and while you’re over there why not grab FIFA 17’s free demo, too?

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