Peter Molyneux Talks Fable 4

Peter Molyneux, the former Lionhead Studios boss has spoken out about his desire to develop Fable 4.

Speaking recently with GamesRadar, Molyneux was asked outright if he believed there would be a fourth entry into the main Fable series. He responded saying;”It’s crazy that Fable 4 isn’t being made, I would love to do Fable 4, and the studio tried to do it. You’d have to get the original team back together though.”

Of course the story of the next entry in the series has been previously put to bed after Lionheads closure this year. This followed the cancellation of Fable: Legends, where we saw strong multiplayer elements in which an enemy is taken down by four heroes. However following the closure of the studio, fresh information emerged regarding plans for Fable 4.

Speaking with Eurogamer, former art director John McCormack said; “We wanted to hit the late Victorian proper far out Jules Verne stuff. It would be darker and grittier. And because it was R-rated it would have the prostitutes and the humor. This is going to be brilliant, and everybody was really into it.”

fable legends

Molyneux continued to speak about a rather strained relationship with Microsoft.”I think it was the sense of humor. You know the British slightly politically incorrect sense of humor, especially with Fable, where we had prostitutes and same-sex marriage. Microsoft were appalled, you know, they were busily going around trying to rub all the nipples out of all the women just not to offend people.”

Since his departure and the closure of Liohead Studios, Molyneux created his own studio 22Cans. However it’s evident there is a craving to make an official fourth game in the series. And the audience would surely still be there. Microsoft need to get the band back together to make it happen. But never say never.

Do you want a new entry in the Fable series? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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