Steep: Made in the Alps: Tricks

Mountaineering sport sim Steep: Made in the Alps has been making waves through the gaming community with its recent Beta test. Ubisoft describe the game as the first of a brand new breed of open world extreme sports games. In Steep players are no longer forced to simply select a course to attempt, no instead Steep offers players the challenge of forging their own in a open world environment suitable for a plethora of extreme sports from Snowboarding to Wingsuiting with each new pathway forged having the ability to be shared with friends and the larger community.

A major part of any extreme sport game is being able to show off your skills to your friends and the community with a series of neat tricks and stunts and Steep is no exception. The guys over at Ubisoft Annecy decided to implement a simple method for performing tricks where the player simply pushes the left stick in a chosen direction and the character will perform a trick by moving their body in said direction. Each in-game trick and stunt was designed around the motion capture data the development team took from the French Ski and Snowboard freestyle team meaning each action is almost indistinguishable to its real life counterpart.


Steep will be available in the UK just in time to glide under your Christmas tree from December 2, 2016.

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