Something big on the horizon from Gearbox Software?

Gearbox Software have built quite the reputation for themselves over the past few years. They are a studio that are very hot and cold, from rousing successes such as the Borderlands series to somewhat questionable titles such as the perma-doomed Duke Nukem Forever and more recently Battleborn.

Recently Randy Pitchford has been quite vocal about a certain one of these IP’s on Twitter. Pitchford “innocently” Tweeted the other day about a rage filled e-mail he had received from someone who seem rather aggrieved with the Gears of War ranked match making system.

Presumably this e-mail was directed at the Gearbox Software founder in error with someone confusing Gears of War and Gearbox as one and the same thing.

This wasn’t the interesting part of what led to be quite the Twitter exchange, no the interesting part was this.


Why of all the Twitter interactions that Pitchford could have partaken in that day did he choose to engage with one that directly referenced Duke Nukem? Could the December 1st reveal be a new Duke game that has the soul intention of revitalising the somewhat tarnished reputation of the series?

Could we see the Duke himself make an unprecedented appearance in Gears of War 4 for it’s horde mode? Or is the announcement going to be completely unrelated to Duke Nukem, could it be Borderlands or a new title entirely? Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on this tease from the Gearbox Software big wig? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Something big on the horizon from Gearbox Software?”

  1. be nice if they actually made that aliens game they where talking about ?

  2. InsiderX says:

    please be borderlands 3 but more than likely bulletstorm remastered.

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