Tamriel Opens Its gates for ESO’s free to Play Weekend

Tamriel is opening it’s gates for Xbox Live Gold members with a free weekend available from Wednesday 23rd November to Sunday 27th November giving you plenty of time to reserve the massive 80Gb space required to download the game. Never, not since the age of Arena, has all Tamriel been quite so open and explorable with players able to walk the entire length and breadth of Tamriel from Orc kingdom of Orsinium all the the way to the Argonian homeland of the Black Marshes. Players can revisit all of the provinces and sights of previous Elder Scrolls games such as Skyrim, Oblivion, Daggerfall and Morrowind and reexperience each area with brand new quest lines and this time with a friend at your side in the form of a shield mate.

Elder Scrolls Online was an ambitious project and upon release was met with a large amount of praise as well as it’s fair share of criticisms about how it wasn’t just an online Skyrim clone. As Zenimax updated, nerfed and reset skills and aspects of the game it’s fan base became more and more disgruntled with many choosing to leave the “broken” game and cancelling their ESO+ membership. Zenimax however have continued to work hard on improving the game and hopefully with this free period of play this will bring back old players who may of left. I know I for one will be returning to Tamriel to see if it’s back to being the game I remember weeping tears of joy over on release.
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With Elder Scrolls Online’s recent update: “One Tamriel” no longer will a new player be limited to the area in which their chosen faction resides, no with One Tamriel a new player could tackle any quest line right from the get go with content scaling to their individual level bracket. This will mean you can play with any friends who either already play ESO or have started during the free weekend with you and tackle Cadwells quest lines (no longer being called Cadwells Gold and Silver) in any order you wish with new players and old guild mates alike.
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Also by playing during the free weekend you’ll be eligible to enter into the “Trip of a Lifetime” competition where you could be one of five players to win a free trip to see on of these sights around the world with each destination chosen due to a likeness to sights in Tamriel. To see Elsweyr you’ll be taken an African Safari where they may not be Khajiit’s but there will be big cats  of the four legged kind prowling the savanna. To simulate the Summerset isles you’ll not be visiting the south east coast county of Summerset no instead you’ll visit the beautiful islands of New Zealand although we regret to inform you there are no High Elves here. For Hammerfell you’ll travel across the beautiful country of Morocco where you can see real life ancient cities belonging to the Berber people. I personally recommend drinking as much Berber whiskey as you can whilst here. For those who long to travel the province of Skyrim you can Fus-Ro-Dah from the top of the Swiss alps as you marvel at it’s natural splendour. Argonian lovers can enjoy the warm temperatures of the Black Marsh… sorry the Amazonian rain forest as you travel to one of the seven wonders of the world; Machu Picchu.

To enter all you have to do is play during the free weekend and fill out the competitions entrance form which can be found here.

So go forth explorers, crafters and warriors and explore the world of Tamriel and maybe, just maybe you’ll get to explore our world too. To keep up to date with all our Xbox One news, reviews and competitions follow us on Twitter and Facebook, Watch us on YouTube and don’t forget to join our Facebook Group! We also have a Twitch stream so make sure to follow for some amusing streams!

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