Project Scorpio “A Welcome Change” Says Developer

Microsoft aims to regain control of the technological high ground with Project Scorpio and Mark Williams, Technical Director of VooFoo Studios’ believes that all that extra power will help developers achieve native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

VooFoo Studios’, developers of top down racing title Mantis Burn Racing, have already taken advantage of the increased graphical capabilities of the PS4 Pro, and in a recent interview, he welcomes the change that Project Scorpio will bring in Microsoft’s mid-generation console refresh saying;

“It has generally been more difficult to reach 60fps on Xbox One than on PS4, so Scorpio will be a very welcome change. I’ve yet to see the functional differences in the Scorpio GPU, so it remains to be seen how much of a difference there will actually be, but Scorpio definitely has a significant advantage in terms of memory bandwidth, so we’ll definitely be seeing higher fidelity games on there,” Williams told GamingBolt.

But with Microsoft’s promise that all games on Scorpio will be playable on Xbox One and Xbox One S, does the developer really believe that they can utilise those 6 Teraflops of computing power?

“Yes, definitely,” Williams said. “We have to maintain parity from a functional and gameplay point of view, but we can really go to town on ramping up the visual quality. It’s like having a PC game where you get a new graphics card and now you can ramp all the graphics settings up to maximum – it’s the same game, but it looks a hell of a lot nicer.”

Although no official date has been announced, Project Scorpio is expected to be released late 2017.

How do you feel about Project Scorpio? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Laura 'JumpZips' Collin

Hi everyone! Laura here (aka JumpZips), I'm an IT geek who's been gaming for more years than I'd like to admit to!. Last year, I decided to have a bash at YouTube (midlife crisis?) and I now create content for my own channels as well as Xbox One UK.

One thought on “Project Scorpio “A Welcome Change” Says Developer

  • 22/11/2016 at 9:32 am

    How do I feel about Project Scorpio…? Microsoft come take my money, If need be… take all of it.

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