Turn your Kinect into a PC Webcam

Got a Kinect 2.0 collecting dust, unused and unloved in a cupboard? Decided that shouting “Hey Cortana, record that!” eight million times Is just not your cup of tea?

Well, thanks to a recent update in Windows 10, you can now use your Kinect as a (high quality) PC webcam, full body scanner, and more.

Over on the Windows Developer blog, Microsoft’s Yin Li explains that the necessary Kinect 2.0 drivers are now available through Windows update – no need to dig about inside the Kinect SDK (Software Development Kit). All you need to do is plug your Kinect into a spare USB3.0 port (you’ll need the Kinect Adapter), head over to Device Manager, and update the drivers on the ‘Kinect sensor devices’ entry.

Device Manager

Not only does it make a pretty effective full HD Webcam for YouTube and Skype duties, you can use it as a full 3D scanner too, using the neat and free (and appropriately named) 3D Scan Windows 10 App.

Endless hours of fun await, scanning vases, pets, and significant others!

3D Scan

Found any innovative uses for Kinect? Missile tracking system? Security camera? Doorstop? Or are you still having too much fun playing the utterly brilliant FRU?

Let us know in the comments!

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