“Winners Don’t Do Drugs” is a line that’ll go down in gaming history, having been parodied and quoted by practically everyone for years. In the world of LASTFIGHT though, “Winners Don’t Do BAD Drugs”.

Forget your meth, your acid, your cocaine and even the bath salts; the drug of the day is Anitrans, which is basically the product of the formula Steroids + Steroids × Crack ÷ Mutant Bioslime. Anitrans is the hottest designer drug in Paxtown, and Anitrans will turn you from a zero (normal person) to a hero (giant hideous laser monster).


If this sounds absurd to you, it is. You’ve entered into the crazy universe of LASTMAN, a French comic book about martial artist Richard Aldana beating up everyone in sight. In LASTFIGHT, Richard and his friend Duke must run the gauntlet of freaks hopped up on Anitrans in an attempt to rescue Richard’s girl. It’s Double Dragon meets Trainspotting with added mutant weirdness.

If you’re wondering how that plays out, think Power Stone with 200% more hardcore narcotics. 3D arenas where up to four players do battle by punching, kicking and throwing fridges at each other. Anitrans will then appear periodically, and collecting all 3 will morph your character into a hideous being capable of dominating the landscape.


The combat itself is very simplistic, but in a good way, with just two attack buttons and a grab button. Each of the 10 characters has unique attacks and abilities, making them distinguishable from one another. More experienced players and fighting game fans will find more satisfaction from the defensive aspect, with parries and perfect dodges providing ample opportunities to open up opponents for a counter-attack. It’s pick up and play fun at its finest, with enough depth to determine the more skilled combatant.


The problem with LASTFIGHT is that there’s simply not enough content to sustain you for long. The main story mode only lets you pick two characters and lasts the best part of half an hour, and the online portion of the game is only for 1 on 1 combat. No custom lobbies either, just ranked matchmaking. Unless you have a couple of friends and a few controllers, you’ll have fought your last fight in LASTFIGHT before you know it.

Perhaps that’s the irony of LASTFIGHT, a game about drugs. For a brief while, you experience a dizzying high of beating up mutant freaks in a beautifully stylised and vivid fever dream. It’s all short-lived though, and you’ll quickly get bored once you realise there’s not much left for you. Or, perhaps I’m reading too much into that.

LASTFIGHT is available on the Store for £11.99. Have you had chance to play it? What are your impressions? Sound off in the comments, watch the trailer, and remember: “Drugs are bad, mm’kay?”

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