Free Bonus Map coming to Rainbow Six: Seige

Rainbow Six: Seige has recently received the Operation Red Crow DLC along with Patch 5.0 (details of these can be found here) but Ubisoft are already looking ahead to patch 5.2. With that patch, the game will also be getting Bartlett University map as a free bonus multi-player map.

Bartlett University has long been requested by fans to be playable in the multi-player and Ubisoft has listened. The Map is currently only accessible in the single-player as a bonus for completing all ten ‘Situations’ and unlocking Article 5. It’s also in the map rotation in the co-op ‘Terrorist Hunt’ gamemode.

The news comes after the recent release of the 4th DLC Pack, Operation Red Crow. This DLC released on 17th November to holders of the Season Pass and will be available to all a week later. The DLC features two new Operators from the Japanese SAT CTU and new map Skyscraper. The two operators are ‘Hibana’ (an Attacker) who has the X-Kairos Launcher that fires six breaking pellets with every shot capable of breaching even reinforced walls and ‘Echo’ (a Defender) who comes equipped with a Yokai quadcopter drone that can hover on the surface and also fly along the top of the ceiling and can disorientate and stun enemies with its ultrasonic bursts.

Operation Red Crow brings the first season of DLC to a close for the Tactical Shooter although fans will still get 1 more bonus soon with Patch 5.2 – Bartlett Unversity as a playable MP Map. Ubisoft recently stated that more than 10 million have played Rainbow Six: Seige and also confirmed they will continue to support the game for at least another year.

Source: Gamespot

Are you still enjoying Rainbow Six: Seige? Are you looking forward to this Bonus Map? What are you hoping for in season 2? Breach the comments section below to let us know…

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