Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival DLC May Kill Update 1.4’s Momentum

Anyone who has played Tom Clancy’s The Division from the start will know it’s been a heck of a roller coaster ride through periods of unbalanced gameplay and glitches – insert Ubisoft jokes here.  The core mechanics of the game itself are some of the most fun I’ve had in a game.  I did however take a long break during version 1.3 until update 1.4 came out.

For those unfamiliar with the lifespan of The Division, when the game was updated to version 1.3 rewards were not progressive to help players move on to the next harder difficulty or challenge.  Add this with the fact solo players were helpless against overpowered AI enemies that in a single shot could destroy your hopes of getting proper rewards.  Luckily Massive was listening to the cries of many players and put their entire DLC plans on a temporary hold to fix the game so many wanted to give the love it deserved.  The upcoming Survival DLC was supposed to be released with update 1.4 but was put on the back burner until gameplay was adjusted as Massive – and their fans – wanted it to be.  They created a playable test server to make adjustments on the fly before releasing the update as final to consoles and it has been a big win for Massive and Ubisoft.

I came back in full force to once again help save New York City.  The Division was finally made great again!  I’m geared up to where I am just putting the final touches on the perfect perks on weapons and armor pieces and with multiple gear sets.  With Survival coming, I can image a lot of Division players like myself are eager to be able to use these awesome builds for some new content – but unfortunately we now know this just won’t happen.


Survival pits 24 agents in the entire city of New York during a blizzard while they are also struck with illness.  It’s a true test of, well… survival.  Players have to manage their illness, hunger, thirst, and body warmth.  This is the Dark Zone style experience I think a lot of people have been looking for in a post apocalyptic world.  There are PvE and PvP versions which is great for both sides of the fence but with all this new content we learned our gear is useless. Everyone who begins a round of Survival will have simple green tiered gear and a sidearm pistol.  I can’t go running in with my Alpha Bridge gear that’s worked around LMG chaos or my Firecrest set that encourages me to set the world on fire.

Update 1.4 was completely focused on rewarding players and allowing them to be geared and enjoy the activities they never could before.  Survival is stripping that whole new foundation Massive just fixed.  Why Massive?  I have no doubt that Survival is going to be an enjoyable experience but players are now getting rewarded handsomely and still being stuck using it only for the same activities we’ve had since June.  Granted we are getting another world tier for a harder challenge but Destiny had this same issue where players want new activities and mechanics – not just a higher level.  Survival does at least give you rewards to use in the outside activities but with each round of Survival taking approximately 2 hours according to Massive, how many casual players will really have that amount of time to spend grinding in one session on one activity.  My favorite has always been the Underground and probably will continue to be thanks to its less need of a commitment.

I’m definitely going to be playing Survival when it launches later this year but it’s a big let down knowing that everything Massive has fixed and you as a player have earned is worthless in the newest expansion.  What about you, are you going to be playing Survival?  How do you feel about gear not carrying into the new activity?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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