Turtle Beach Stream Mic Review

Turtle Beach have a long and varied history – forming as an audio software company back in 1985, in recent years the company is known for its gaming headsets more than any other product – and rightly so. We awarded their flagship Elite Pro Tournament Pack a coveted five stars.

Renowned audio experts that they are, Turtle Beach have diversified their catalogue once again, launching the Turtle Beach Stream Mic – the first product of its kind from the San Diego headquartered company.

The Stream Mic is a professional-quality desktop microphone created for gamers livestreaming from their consoles. Livestreaming has a massive presence in the world of entertainment thanks to outlets such as YouTube, Twitch, and beam, and more and more streamers are embracing the freedom of a streaming mic rather than a headset. Simply watching others play games is an entertainment industry of its own, and for your audience, audio quality is every bit as important as visual fidelity.

Turtle Beach Stream Mic

Content creators are actively recording everything from competitive matches, to video walk-throughs and tutorials, and the demand is so great for a high quality microphone that Turtle Beach created the Turtle Beach Stream Mic – quality audio equipment that promises high quality audio.

“The Turtle Beach Stream Mic is the first-of-its-kind professional desktop microphone created for gamers streaming directly from their consoles. With the Stream Mic, players can livestream gameplay from their Xbox One and PlayStation®4, as well as from a PC or Mac thanks to universal plug-and-play compatibility. Additionally, the Stream Mic features Adaptive Mic Patterns with TruSpeak™ technology and fully customizable software, while a dual-capsule mic array with advanced digital processing supports multiple pick-up patterns for different applications and environments. Not to mention a zero-latency headphone output provides accurate monitoring. What does this all mean? It means that right out of the box, you’ll be streaming like a pro in no time.”

There are some pretty big boasts right there in the marketing blurb – after all, this might be the first professional desktop microphone created for gamers streaming directly from their consoles, but it’s far from the first USB mic around – streamers have been using professional quality microphones like the Blue Yeti for some time.

The Stream Mic’s feature set is not dissimilar to that found on most professional microphones – but where it excels is in its ease and simplicity of use. It really is just plug’n’play.

“In use, the Stream Mic continues to impress – audio pick up is outstanding.”
The first thing that struck us was how heavy the whole package is – but then we remembered we weren’t going to be wearing this on our heads! The microphone itself – a gorgeous glossy gadget styled like a 1930s radio mic – is actually quite light, which simplifies boom mounting. It does, though, sit on a reassuringly heavy tabletop stand, holding the mic securely in exactly the position you need. The microphone’s gloss-black finish and the stand’s black-and-brushed-aluminium stylings complement each other perfectly. It certainly looks the part.

The microphone is incredibly easy to set up – with just a  single USB connection, the microphone performs flawlessly with Xbox One, PS4, PC or Mac. The Stream Mic also sports a zero-latency headphone amp so you can monitor your own voice, too, and hear exactly what your audience hears.

With a big, bold mute button up front (which glows red when muted, and green when live) and an audio volume dial on the back, the microphone is simplicity itself. The only other control is a slider to switch between the Xbox One’s proprietary audio mode, or the more standard setting for PS4, PC or Mac.

Turtle Beach Stream Mic

In use, the Stream Mic continues to impress – audio pick up is outstanding, taking full advantage of Turtle Beach’s audio know-how, TruSpeakTM technology and adaptive microphone patterns. Best of all – all the technology is invisible to the end user. It simply works.  There’s no need to get within spitting range, either – placed a comfortable few feet away and with the mic in high sensitivity mode, audio was picked up clearly and crisply. Whilst its always best to keep unwanted sounds to a minimum, the mic will work well in noisy environments, too – just attach it to a mic boom, switch to low sensitivity mode and place it 6 inches away from your mouth, and off to the side.

In either setup, and with the correct polar pattern, the mic picks up only what you need it to – unwanted sounds are mercifully absent. Fine tuning – and any firmware updates – are delivered via Turtle Beach’s excellent Ear Force Audio Hub software. here you can experiment with all the settings on offer, play with the EQ settings, adjust mic monitoring, and a whole host of other options. One of our favourite features is the voice clipping indicator – the mic’s front LED with flash red if you get a little over excited and loud, letting you know you should calm down, or back away!

The Turtle Beach Stream Mic is a very desirable piece of kit, and certainly challenges microphones that cost a lot more. It’s incredibly simple to use, extremely adjustable, it looks great and – most importantly – delivers the goods. If you’re  a streamer, YouTuber, or just like fancy bits of kit, we can’t recommend the Turtle Beach Stream Mic highly enough.

Read enough? Watch the trailer below. Remember if you do decide to pick one up, let us know!

For the number lovers

Product Specifications:

  • Capsules: Electret condenser
  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Super Cardiod, Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Sample Rate: 48kHz
  • Bit Rate resolution: 16bit

Details for the Stream Mic are as follows:

  • Console Livestreaming Made Easy
    The Stream Mic is the first ever professional quality desktop microphone designed specifically for gamers livestreaming directly from their Xbox One.
  • Multiplatform Compatibility
    Quickly and easily connect the Stream Mic to the Xbox One via USB thanks to universal plug-and-play compatibility.
  • Adaptive Mic Patterns with TruSpeak Technology
    High definition voice pick-up from both tabletop and boom mounted positions provide for exceptional clarity whether the mic is stand-mounted beneath, or placed on a surface near the user.
  • Professional Processing Performance
    Studio-grade digital processing balances EQ, gain and compression to deliver superior voice performance so anyone can stream like a pro.
  • Built-In Headphone Amplifier
    The onboard headphone output delivers zero-latency monitoring of game audio and voice levels so you can hear exactly what your audience hears.
  • Personalized Voice Tuning
    A quick and easy download of Turtle Beach’s latest AUDIO HUB software gives gamers additional voice presets to personalize their livestream output.
  • Multiple Mounting Options
    The Stream Mic features multiple mounting options so gamers can use standard 5.8-inch microphone stands and booms (available separately), and its compact size means that large mics continuously falling down during a broadcast are a thing of the past.
  • All-in-one Recording Solution
    Whether recording livestream commentary, vocals, podcasts, voiceovers, interviews or more, the Stream Mic is all you need for professional quality recordings on any device.

The Turtle Beach Stream Mic is available now for now £79.99, direct from Turtle Beach.

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A quality bit of kit that looks great, and works brilliantly.
  • Overall


Overall the Turtle Beach Stream Mic is truly fantastic. If you ask any successful streamer for advice, one thing they’ll tell you is invest in a quality microphone. Well, look no further.

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