Bungie Rewarding Guardians Who Want To Stream

Every week, Destiny blogger DeeJ brings us news about the world of Destiny but this week is something of interest.

As you may be aware, Destiny has a companion app for mobile devices and even it’s official website is a companion itself, so it’s no news that they’re constantly updating the features of what you can do with the app. Most notable; a while back they incorporated the ability to transfer your items to and from the vault, without having to visit any of the social spaces. A cried-out fan request and favourite that we can’t seem to live without now and wondering how we ever managed without the feature.

Another side of the companion app that they’re constantly improving, is the social aspect, allowing you to communicate and share creations with fellow guardians more easily. Creations allow you to save, edit and publish Destiny content such as art or saved captures.

The Creations page is one of those facets that they’re upgrading; giving you more ways to share media. This time in the form of streaming; and Twitch is the method. As of next week, you will be able to browse streamers through the Creations page and filter out to show streams that you want to see. DeeJ explains:

While you’re watching your favourite streamer, you can contribute to the party in their Twitch Chat, or inspect their Guardian build. With a click on an item they have equipped, we’ll show you their roll. This will let you analyse their fighting style and save them from answering recurring questions about their gear or their subclass. You’ll also find links to their channel.


You can view the streams without creating a Twitch account, but if you’d like to chat during streams, or even stream yourself, you’re going to need to link your accounts. You can do this by visiting your profile page within the companion.

To help get Guardians invested in streaming Destiny-related content, Bungie will reward you with an exclusive in-game Emblem. Be warned though, getting the emblem is just as much grinding as the game itself. You’ll be rewarded the Emblem after you’ve streamed Destiny content for 77 hours. Thank the Iron Lords it doesn’t have to be consecutively. They’ve called this emblem Can’t Stop The Signal and you can see what it looks like for yourself…

cant-stop-the-signalThe new features will be activated “soon”, but for now you can at least link your accounts so you’re ready to stream.

Will you be grinding out 77 hours to get your hands on this emblem? Do you even use the companion app, and why? We would be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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