Destiny: Wrath of the Machine Aksis Challenge Mode Detailed

With this morning’s weekly reset in Destiny, guardians have now been faced with the Aksis challenge mode for the Wrath of the Machine raid.  This is a way to earn some extra high level raid gear by completing an extra mechanic in a particular boss fight. Here is how to complete this week’s challenge.

This challenge is of course against Aksis but it only affects the second phase of the fight.  The fight begins as normal with taking out the Shanks and staying alive.  When you Captains come out and your team becomes empowered, spread out to the sides and the middle with the empowered guardians as normal.  Kill the Captains and kill the Servitors and throw the bombs to bring down Aksis’ shield.  Before throwing the last bomb it is recommended to make sure all players are positioned properly.  This is where the Challenge mode mechanics begin.

When the last bomb hits, Aksis will of course teleport to one of the four normal positions (left, right, front mid, or back mid).  Wherever he teleports, that empowered guardian will jump on his back and slam the empowerment as normal.  However, a little used mechanic has to be done before slamming into his back.  If you are familiar with the Wrath of the Machin raid, you know that the Servitors that drops the SIVA bombs move to certain glowing red plates and must be destroyed before reaching those plates.  One of those 3 plates will start lowing red when Aksis teleports.  For the location that he teleports however, that plate will not glow – example being that if Aksis teleports to the right side, the plate on the right side will not be the one lit up.  Before the empowered guardian slams the charge into Aksis, one of the other 2 empowered guardians need to check the plates in their location (left, right, and back mid) to see if it is lit up.  Whichever empowered guardian is closest need to run and slam their charge into the plate.  This gives all guardians the super charge buff which instantly fills all supers.  Once the super care buff is activated then the guardian on Aksis can slam the boss.  This has to be done for EVERY teleport.  It is also being reported you can’t drop a damage phase by failing to slam into Aksis’ back.

Just to recap, spread the empowerment out as normal.  When Aksis teleports, have the empowered guardian closest to Aksis run to Aksis to slam him but the other 2 empowered guardians need to heck the Servitor plates to see if theirs is lit.  That empowered guardian slams the plate causing the super charge buff and then Aksis can be slammed for damage.  Repeat this for every time he teleports until he is dead.

What cool gear did you get by completing the raid?  Have you completed the challenge mode for Aksis?  Let us know in the comments below!

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