Blizzard Planning Overwatch Play of the Game 2.0

Overwatch’s Play of the Game is a neat little function that showcase the most impressive kill streak at the end of the game

And that’s a problem. Because Overwatch isn’t about kill streaks and an awesome K/D ratio – a lot like Battlefield, you can earn just as many points by supporting your team. So while some POTGs are absolutely awesome, it flies in the face of Overwatch’s ethos of team play.

That’s what’s inspired Blizzard to look at how POTGs currently run, and how they might be improved in a future update. Speaking to Kotaku, lead hero designer Geoff Goodman said:

There’s a plan to do what we’re calling Play of the Game 2.0. It’s been on the books for a little while. It’s just a matter of prioritising everything.

Thankfully, it’s the teamwork angle that has got the developers considering how to make improvements to the system. Goodman added:

We have a lot of really cool ideas. We want to do a lot with the camera work. We have ideas for cooperative Play of the Games. Because what we have right now, is Zarya could ult, and then Genji gets the credit. And that’s like, ‘Come on!’ So we want to highlight the combo play itself, to show both.

Blizzard don’t think that’s as easy as it might seem, claiming that there are ‘some tricky things there’, including how to credit the players, and how POTG intros will work from a team-play aspect. So, presumably, we can look forward to even more of those not-at-all-repetitive POTGs featuring Bastion behind Reinhardt’s shield.

The studio have certainly been busy with Overwatch lately, following their Halloween event with the PTS release of hacker hero Sombra, an update to the Weekly Brawl, plus a new map built for 1v1 games. While there’s no slated release date yet, POTG v2 is an update we’re looking forward to seeing.

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