Free Xbox ‘Onesies’ for all… Avatars

Remember the Xbox Onesies? We all wanted one – we really did. So did you. Admit it.  However these weren’t available in the UK (they were in Australia, though. If ever there’s a country that doesn’t need a snuggly onesie, it’s Australia).


The Xbox Onesies had pockets for your Xbox Pad and Xbox Media Remote, an arm pouch for your mobile, rollable arms and legs and forearm grips. You could even have your gamertag embroidered on too. Australia? Seriously? There’s not even pocket for your Fosters. Why didn’t these come to the UK?


“When the Xbox Onesie was revealed a few months ago, I received a ton of inquiries about how fans could get their hands on one of these rather rare items. Unfortunately, distribution was extremely limited and I was only able to give a handful of them away.

“The good news is, I was able to work with the Xbox Avatar Store team and have them create Xbox Onesie avatar items, designed to look just like the real ones. Even better, all of these Avatar items are free.”

Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb – Blog


If like us, you were disappointed that the Xbox Onesies were not available in the UK and couldn’t get your hands on one, you can at least dress your Xbox avatar in either the Black or White version for free.

Here are the download links you’ll need:

Source: Eurogamer

Will you be downloading the Black or White? Do you hope Microsoft make more Onesie’s for the UK? Drop into the comments section below and let us know.

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