DOOM: Hell Followed Review

Hell Followed is the second of three downloadable content packages from the id developed and Bethesda published DOOM.

This Second DLC again focuses on the multiplayer side of the game, bringing three new maps to the playlist, a new playable demon to try out, and a shiny new weapon to assist in dealing some exacting Marine revenge on everybody and everything.  There’s also a host of new equipment items, new armour sets, taunts, and Hack Modules. So far, so… same as the last DLC.

Once again though, the multiplayer maps are the jewels in the crown – a real credit to the designers, with each one having its own unique feel. From space, to hell and back again, these new maps have been incredibly well thought out.

Orbital is possibly the most unique of all the DOOM maps so far released. As you’ve probably guessed from the title, you are fighting on a space station orbiting Mars. The map’s layout gives you the ability to leave the safety of the station and fight outside in the vacuum of space, floaty effects included, exiting and entering the station via the numerous shielded openings. These exterior areas really work well, making it the most enjoyable of the three new additions.

Molten, in stark contrast to its spiritual ice-covered sister, Ritual, sees your Marine running amongst the molten run offs of red hot magma! This map is all about levels and verticality, with ledges a-plenty to be found. With corners and ledges allowing for close-ranged combat, Molten great for death match type games, but less suited to objective types, like capture. Super shotgun anyone?

Argent Breach is the final map, and, as with Offering, is centered around an ancient area deep within Hell. Alone this new map isn’t much to write home about, but it’s obviously been designed with the Cacodemon in mind, with a central large open area and multiple rooms with high ceilings, allowing for this particular demon’s flight ability to be used exceptionally well.


A new weapon is again included, and boy is it a beauty; a living organic weapon known as the ‘Reaper’. With its own angry face staring right back at you Reaper feels like one of the more powerful guns in the game. This new gun comes with two very different modes –  a rapid fire assault style, and a single shot ‘almost insta death’ mode (although this does requires a direct hit and occasionally the enemy can withstand the blast).

Each of these modes are deadly in the right hands but that doesn’t mean this is an easy gun to wield. This power is balanced out with a rather limited ammo capacity of hell energy, so don’t just get all excited and spray that full clip. Hell Followed also includes a new piece of equipment – Threat Pulse. Flicking the switch grants you the ability to see your enemies through walls for a limited time; think of it as the Predators heat vision, it’s kinda the same thing.


Hack modules are here again, but this time round they are actually useful. Where the previous DLC failed miserably, Hell Followed excels.

  • Armor Regen – Regenerate armour quickly after not taking damage for two seconds
  • Refreshing Kills – Gain 20 health when killing an enemy
  • Savagery – Perform Glory Kills faster


All  these new modules have a valid place in the multiplayer games, with all of them helping prolong your ability to survive the onslaught of online death – if you have the skills.

And now onto the bit all DOOM fans have been waiting for – the ability to play as the iconic Cacodemon. Sadly, it’s a bit of a let-down. The ability to fly above the enemy comes into its own every now and then, but the Cacodemons main attack – shooting plasma/lightning balls – feel under-powered, with three or more hits sometimes needing to kill an enemy. Its new secondary attack is an insta-kill tongue lash, allowing you to grab your opponent and devour him; it’s not the easiest thing to get right, and when in close proximity to an enemy the Cacodemons low health and low speed become quite apparent. It’s all too easy to get trapped close to an enemy in a low-ceilinged room.

And finally, if you’re all about customisation you will be pleased to know there are a few more bits for you to play with. Along with the usual array of fresh new taunts to annoy your enemy, Hell Followed has added Cyberdemonic armour. This new armour allows you to look a bit more, well, demonic. Nuff said.

DOOM: Hell followed is available from the Store for £11.99, and is included in the £29.99 Season Pass and the £79.99 DOOM Digital Deluxe package.

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More multiplayer mayhem for the id modern classic - but where's the campaign love?
  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


DOOM: Hell Followed is in all respects the same DLC as before, and again the limited scope and the hefty price tag – £11.99 – will definitely put people off. Is this DLC for DOOM fans? Probably not; as with the previous DLC this is aimed at only one side of the DOOM universe, and it again completely neglects the campaign. After such a great single player campaign, isnt it about time we got to dabble a bit more?

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