Battlefield 1 Has Six Times More Players Than Titanfall 2

The timing of the release date of Titanfall 2 has been under much scrutiny across the globe. With EA releasing Battlefield 1 just before the fluid FPS sequel, it appears that players are opting for traditional warfare than that of the beloved Titans.

One Twitter user has posted current online stats for both games, with Battlefield having a peak of 427,000 players online at once across all systems. In comparison, Titanfall 2 managed 73,000. Of these figures nearly half of players on Titanfall have come from the Xbox with 36,000 in comparison to 92,000 playing Battlefield One

Battlefield One clearly has the advantage having been available for around two weeks in terms of sales, with Titanfall 2 only launching this past Friday. Coupled with the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare this week,  the biggest questions raised by the gaming community and media lay within EA’s release schedule.

Titanfall-2-e1471253876103 (1)

Titanfall 2 has been receiving large amounts of praise from critics and fans alike for it’s fantastic campaign mode and evolution upon the original. We reported yesterday on Titanfall 2’s performance in the gaming charts, which saw the sequel enter at number 4. It will remain to be seen whether it can catch up pace with Battlefield.

Stay tuned to Xbox One UK for our full review of Titanfall 2 soon. In the meantime, have you picked up either of the two titles in question? What are you thoughts on the current statistics, be sure to let us know!

Source – Gamezone

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9 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Has Six Times More Players Than Titanfall 2”

  1. COG_TOMMEH says:

    that’s not surprising. lol

  2. Makes perfect sense. It is the (much) better game, after all.

  3. There are more reasons. For example respawn fuc*ed over EAAccess members so me personally decided to give a same message to them.

  4. ultraviolet says:

    EA should of released one of these games at the end of September

  5. it’s an older franchise …

  6. Big Smoke says:

    @NoahJsHairline I’m pretty sure the second Battlefield title didn’t have as much players as Titanfall 2 has but ok.

  7. SenseiChicken_ says:

    TF2 wasn’t nearly as hyped and BF1 has a stronger community. Plus, Respawn pretty much said screw you to us Xbox EA Access players.

  8. Don’t have BF1 yet (still want it though), but Titanfall 2 was awesome IMO. Its just odd that EA has release it so close to BF1 and COD IW.

    Also, I’m getting real tired of people worrying about console marking deals for ANY GAME in last few years. Its dumb.

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