Venom Xbox One Twin Docking Station: Camo Edition Review

The time has come and gone thankfully when we had to keep buying new batteries for our controllers – we recently tested one charging solution from Venom – the Venom Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack – which offered charging while you play, thanks to Venom’s rechargeable battery pack and USB cable.

The Twin Docking Station takes a different approach. Rather than charging on the fly the Docking Station charges your controllers while you’re not using them. And it does so pretty rapidly, too.

Once you’ve inserted the Venom battery pack, which replaces both the batteries and the battery hatch cover on your controller, simply plonk your controller down on the docking station for charging to begin. The LED will glow red while charging, and turn green when charging is complete. The docking station can store and charge two controllers, and although it’s a perfect match for the Special edition camouflage controller, it looks neat no matter which controller you have – and is just perfect for this season’s glut of shooters. The perfect accompaniment to Battlefield 1 or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare!

The battery pack is a bit of a tight fit, but we’d prefer that to a loose, rattly feel. Because the pack replaces the battery cover it’s not a perfect aesthetic match for some special edition controllers, but looks absolutely fine with any controller that’s black or darkly coloured on the underside. It is, though, 100% compatible with the Elite controller. You’ll get 8-9 hours out of a pack, so long enough for even the longest of sessions – and if you run low, just charge one controller while using the other!

Venom pack in the Elite Controller

In the box you’ll get the docking station, two 700 mAh battery packs, one USB power cable and the manual.

You can now keep your controllers fully charged and ready for action – and you’ll never be hunting down the side of the sofa for a controller again. They will be right where you left them, happily charging!

You can pick up the Venom Xbox One Twin Docking Station: Camo Edition for around £15 on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Venom Xbox One Twin Docking Station: Camo Edition Review”

  1. Venom says:

    Fantastic job! Love the review.

  2. @VenomGamingUK Got one for my birthday, super handy always having a fully charged controller ready.

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