Titanfall 2 Devs Know You’re Having Issues (And They’re Working On Fixes Now)

Titanfall 2 hasn’t had the greatest start since it released last week – despite attracting rave reviews and critical acclaim, not to mention one of the tiniest day one patches we can remember, plus total lack of season pass.

But the developers haven’t given up on the sales flop just yet!

In a post on the official Titanfall forum, the game’s community manager addressed a number of issues faced by gamers, and assured them that the team are currently working on them now. Here’s what the guys over at the forum has to say…

Known Issues:

  • Invite Friends: Some players are reporting they are not able to invite their friends to matches. Play -> ‘Invite Friend’, friend gets invite, but they are not paired together.
  • Invite Friend Parties: We’re fielding reports that groups created with the ‘Invite Friends’ option are getting disband after round as if they were ‘Invite Network’ groups.
  • Data Center Searching: On PC having multiple enabled network adapters might leave you in a state where you will not be able to get the proper data center list. Disable all adapters outside of the one you’re using, and this should resolve the issue. Team is working to address this directly.
  • Jumping to Location Freeze: We have seen very few reports around players not being able to match make and the game freezes at ‘Jumping to location’. We’re still trying to collect more information from payers having this issue.
  • Campaign – Unable to Sprint: Reports around after getting into BT for the first time and disembarking, Jack is n longer able to sprint unless you restart.
  • PC Custom Color Profiles: Team is looking at why the game is ignoring custom color profiles.
  • PC Audio Stutter: We are aware of an issue in Networks, voice chat can studder and do odd things.
  • Single Player Respawn: We have fielded a few reports that after re-spawning in SP some players can fall through the floor and die again.
  • PC 2D Surround: We have been made aware of an issue with Nvidia 2D surround setups where the UI is cut off.
  • Black Screen Launching MP: We’re looking into reports of users getting a black screen right after launching into multiplayer.

And for those who have been thrown into game modes while trying to set up your own Private Match, that glitch has been fixed across all platforms. So they’re working on it, at least – although there’s no ETA for the resolutions yet.

Have you encountered any of the above while playing Titanfall 2? You know what to do…


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