Project Scorpio: The Phil Spencer Perspective

Lately, rumours of the Xbox: Project Scorpio being ahead of schedule seem to have been picking up steam on the juggernaut that is the Internet rumour mill.

There seem to be murmurings from the darkest corners of the world wide web that the Scorpio is well on target to meet Microsoft’s original release window. On that particular subject though there are more than just murmurs, the head honcho of Xbox himself, Phil Spencer, is less than quiet about how well the Scorpio team are doing.

Now, while it isn’t unusual for Phil Spencer to engage with fans directly on the Twitter. What some may consider odd is how forth coming Spencer is. There’s no “Look out for more info soon”, not a hint of “You’ll know more when the time is right” or even the dreaded “I cannot discuss that at this time”.

Quite the opposite in fact, the man who goes by the Twitter handle XboxP3 seems to show a willingness to want to keep fans up to date. Rightly so as well, the Scorpio is perhaps Microsoft’s most ambitious project to date and if executed correctly could have huge ramifications, not only for Microsoft & Xbox but the gaming industry as a whole.


So when the aim of Microsoft is to build a console with a 6 Teraflops of GPU, capable of delivering stunning 4k gaming as well as being able to support the latest in VR why should they adopt a cloak and daggers or smoke and mirrors approach? Why not show people what they could be potentially investing in?

Let them know that the team working on this console which could become a benchmark for all other consoles are an enthusiastic team aiming to deliver the very best product they can to the originally stated timescale of late 2017. And if that timescale doesn’t come to fruition? Then at least we know what the wait is for and that we can expect a truly magnificent end product that will be worth ever single penny and every second waited with a collective baited breath.

When you add in the tasty little morsel below from a recent interview that GameSpot conducted with Spencer then it really could be time to start get excited about (and saving for) the Project Scorpio console.

Things are going “really well,” he told us, adding that Microsoft is in fact “a little ahead of plan” as it relates to the hardware timelines.

So with Scorpio right on track, and maybe a even a little ahead of the original timeline, are you looking forward to the premium console? Or will you be sticking with your original Xbox One or the newer Xbox One S consoles? Let us know in the comments!

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Sources: Express & GameSpot

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I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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