Destiny’s Festival of the Lost and What’s Next

For those that have been living under a rock and were not aware, Destiny’s Festival of the Lost is back again for the Halloween time frame.  For the next 2 weeks guardians are given quests revolving around wearing masks and collecting candy by doing activities.  As an overall event though, is it even worth participating.

Festival of the Lost only requires that you own Rise of Iron and is a free event for you to participate in.  There is nothing to gain to make your guardian more powerful but does provide simply “something to do.”  The masks are neat although they don’t have any light attached to them meaning you aren’t going to wear one in a raid – unless you are setting up a Slayerage type challenge for yourself.  Outside of the masks though there are new shaders and emblems as well to help customize your guardian and lets people know that you were there for that event.


Overall though Festival of the Lost is a great way to just alter your routine in Destiny with something that feels different and doesn’t force hard end game content.

It is an enjoyable experience but as a lot of people that have been playing Destiny for many years now are thinking to themselves though “what’s next?”  We had this last year and it simply was the beginning of a full year of lackluster content.  Are we about to go through this again?  Without trying to speculate too much, there are some things we know.

Sparrow Racing League will be back in December.  This has been confirmed and also would follow the content of last year – which is also a scary thing.  Outside of that, we know a Destiny sequel will be coming.  The teams at Bungie are now split with the live team making these types of events for Destiny and the rest are working on Destiny 2 – although not officially announced.  Since there hasn’t been a Cabal based DLC, could that be the last bit we get before a true sequel?  We will wait and see.  If you want to hear our full rumor and speculation topics for the future of Destiny, you can read that here – What’s Next After Rise of Iron

How are you enjoying Festival of the Lost?  What would you like to see from Bungie?  Let us know in the comments below!

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