Bungie Announces Destiny Economy Changes With Update

Every since weapon ornaments became a thing in Destiny, players were eager to get their favorites attached to their favorite weapon.  The struggle though has been over a new economy built in the game known as Silver Dust.  These ornaments have cost a relatively high number of Silver Dust to not only purchase from Xur but just to put them on.  Guardians have been very vocal about this problem and again, Bungie is listening:

Destiny Community Manager Chris “Cosmo” Shannon had this to say about the patch that will be coming with the returning Festival of the Lost live event:

“We are currently working on several changes to the Silver Dust economy to improve the player experience. We want to ensure that players who are completing Rise of Iron’s pinnacle challenges feel rewarded for their success. With this patch Trials, Wrath of the Machine, and Iron Lord Armor Ornaments will no longer require Silver Dust to apply. The Silver Dust requirement for applying Exotic Weapon Ornaments will remain, as the Silver Dust required for application is provided by the Radiant Treasure box.

“Year 1 and Year 2 Iron Banner armor found in Dusty Iron Engrams and on activity completion of Iron Banner matches was incorrectly dismantling into Legendary Marks. With the patch, these items, when dismantled, will now yield 1 Silver Dust.”

It’s nice to see that equipping ornaments to armor is no longer going to cost Silver Dust but the other issue being it costs 25 Silver Dust to purchase one ornament is also an issue to most players.  We will see what else Bungie has planned for more changes to this economy.

How do you feel about the change to equipping ornaments?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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Robert Rodkey

A husband and father with a love for gaming and gaming industry. Got my Bachelors degree in Game Design and Simulation and play anything I can get my hands on but currently addicted to Destiny. Whatever else you heard about me, don't believe it... unless it's good. Gamertag: aCerealMurderer

One thought on “Bungie Announces Destiny Economy Changes With Update

  • 24/10/2016 at 8:51 am

    They should not reduce the amount of silver dust. You could pay for the ornaments like I did. To make it free or cost less silver dust would be a to spit in the face of the people who did pay.

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